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Hypocrisy at its finest...

They don't practice what they preach...

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Great video.

"Let us cross the river to the other side and rest beneath the shade of the trees." ~ Last words of Thomas Jonathan ''Stonewall' Jackson
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Police brutality is always ugly.
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Great video. I was wondering the other day when they were giving Hillary Swank crap for attending a birthday party of a 'civil rights abuser' what she should do if invited to the WH to attend a birthday party?
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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Posts: 937 guys agree with equating these dirtbag protesters pooping and littering in our parks to the civil rights demonstrators and mideast uprising...really!
Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchhill
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Originally Posted by mr. compassionate View Post guys agree with equating these dirtbag protesters pooping and littering in our parks to the civil rights demonstrators and mideast uprising...really!
Is it OK if we equate them to these dirtbag protesters?

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Thats hypocrisy all right but far from it's finest; please google Danilo Anderson Assassination then go to the Counterpunch site,while there also check out the two links to articles about Obama's /Patreaus's sabre rattling [ cooking evidence again to justify war with Iran ala Iraq ? ] against Iran, written by Cockburn and one by Ray McGovern.

I' m not defending the gov/police but comparing these crackdowns to the middle-east is a bit overstated.The level of violence is much less. Many of those arrested did so of their own volition using passive resistance techniques to make a statement [ good on them] and after being processed were released on their own recognaisance [ sp] if they had no other charges pending.That's hardly on par with beating ,raping,torture,killing ,no due process,etc. Their ultimate punishment will probably be minor trespassing or disturbing the peace fines,this could stay on their record and come back to haunt them someday though,not good. The worst case scenario,probable ,is they will be put on some list that could be used later for repressive purposes.Also they are still allowed to protest ,in Denver dk about NY,from 5am to 11pm just can't camp,this makes it harder on out of town protesters but not so bad for locals.I guess you want to be there in case any shit went down you wouldn't want to miss it is the counter argument . Is Hickenlooper even more of a corporadem sellout than Obama or what? I want my vote back. Maybe he could use his influence to get the charges on the Denver occupiers dropped,doubt it.
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Mr .C,

Even the most goodie goodie white bread all American yankee doodle god fearing money loving conservatives need to shit and piss . Remember the World Youth Day when the Pope came to Denver? The hordes of Catholic youth assembled somewhere [ i think Mile High ] to hold an all night vigil that involved indoctrination ,fasting , not sleeping,and whatever else you do at all night vigils.The next day they marched 15 miles in 95% heat to Cherry Creek Res. .They were dropping like flies along Parker road.Might wanna drink something religo. They got out to the State Park/ Res. ,where the Pope spoke, and had inadequate toilet facilities for the # of people ,did their business all over the place ,as would anyone under those circumstances.In summation most people will do what they have to do if it becomes urgent enough.Maybe you hold it in for life ,maybe that's your problem.

The movement for economic justice is the natural progression of the civil and human rights movement,it just got put on hold for 30 years due to conservative psycho economics at an international scale.
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Well the cops didn't keep their word very long.A day [maybe 2] after saying protestors could be there until 11 pm the cops cleared the park sometime between 6 and 9:15.I was watching live coverage 5:45 ish ,looked pretty boring ;parallel lines of protestors and cops standing around, some occupiers trying to persuade cops as union members and middle class people to join them,one guy draped in a flag beating a snare drum,a few taunts at the cops from the peanut gallery,cops trying not to relax,etc. At 3 minutes to 6 the cops suddenly started pushing people backwards pretty aggressively with billyclubs crosswise to the chest,one short dark haired cop in the middle was particularly agro.I thought uh oh here we go,but once they cleared them across Broadway the stopped it got testy a few profanities came across tv audio but then the more level headed protestors started chanting "Peace ,peace" held there ground but did not get violent.Tension remained high and it was expected that something would go down at or before 11.My friend and i met at a dive a 1/2 mile away for food drink then to head down there.I listened to KOA's belittling coverage of the protestors on the way down.Seemed like everything died down but i swung by there at 9:15 there were 0 protestors i could see .A group of 12-15 cops in riot gear were in a circle talking on 14th and Broadway,dozens of Denver and State Patrol cars all over the area.I heard there were 14 arrests no real riot.Sunday i drove by there were maybe 100 -200 [ guesstimation] protestors holding signs along Broadway at 12:30,cops were all over the perimeter but non confrontational,a lot of bike cops.

Does anyone know what ,if any ,rationale was given for clearing the park before 11? A weird condition is that there are 2 small parks in front of the capitol one state and one city so 2 sets of cops ,Denver and the State Patrol .Kind of a lame but semi eyewitness report.
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There's a whole lot of points that I disagree with in this screed, but I did find it very thought-provoking:

OWS (And Everyone Else): Pay Attention To Greece in [Market-Ticker]
OWS (And Everyone Else): Pay Attention To Greece

(Reuters) - Prime Minister George Papandreou pleaded for patience from Greeks growing increasingly angry with relentless austerity efforts, telling a newspaper his government was struggling to prevent a financial "catastrophe."In an interview with the weekly Proto Thema newspaper, Papandreou said the government was fighting to stop Greece defaulting on its debts but the road ahead was hard.

"I would very much like to guarantee everyone an immediate solution, a better life today," he told the newspaper in an interview which hit newsstands Saturday.
"I would be the happiest man in the world if I could do that but I can't and I have a duty to be honest and tell this truth to every Greek citizen," he said.

Finally, the truth.

Here are some realities for everyone to think about and (hopefully) understand:

Government cannot expand faster than domestic economic output does.
That is, if you want government to get bigger, the economy must get bigger to support it.
Growth in the economy must come from economic surplus, not borrowing. Economic surplus is what you have left after you (1) labor, and (2) pay for all of the things you must buy with that labor. Whether your payment is direct (e.g. you pick strawberries and get to keep X% of your output) or indirect (you are paid a wage in "dollars" and then spend that money) the fact remains that economic growth can, in the long run, only come from economic surplus.

The process by which economic surplus is turned into economic expansion is called capital formation. Capital formation is not borrowing; borrowed funds are fungible (that is, interchangeable) with formed capital but they are not the same thing
. Only capital formation produces lasting prosperity. Replacing formed capital with borrowed funds produces bubbles; these are inherently pyramid schemes in both concept and execution and thus must eventually burst.

Due to inefficiency in all things, including the markets, when a bubble bursts you're worse off than if it had never occurred in the first place.
This is the principle known simply as "there's no such thing as a free lunch." It's true in thermodynamics and it's also true in economics.

Trade deficits are self-correcting phenomena without explicit and intentional acts by the government and monetary authority to cover up their natural effects.
Specifically, a trade deficit causes capital to drain from the deficit nation to the surplus nation. This in turn makes their currency balance shift and shuts down the cycle all on its own. Only intentional and willful distortion, in this case by injecting "credit" to replace capital, allows it to continue. Yes, the Chinese are responsible for what has happened in this regard with offshoring, but so are our politicians and Federal Reserve! Any actual means of addressing this problem must include all guilty parties.

Politicians turn to producing bubbles when they want to promise you something they cannot pay for via voluntary taxation. And make no mistake on this point: All taxation is voluntary.
Greece is showing us this fact in stark relief. The people can withdraw their consent to taxation any time they'd like. Sure, they have to go on a general strike to do so, which is the inhibiting factor - it results in personal pain. But it's the correct, non-violent and legal means to tell the government to stuff it when it comes to their tax policies.

There are only two means to compel a government to act when it becomes co-opted by minority interests, such as what happened with the bailouts, banks and similar foolishness. One is lawful and the other is not.
The unlawful means comes through violence. In the "common name" we call these "riots" when they're localized and small (e.g. looting, etc.) When they're not we call them "Revolution", and the legal term for inciting one is "Sedition." The key point to remember about the latter is that on a historical basis you have a very low probability of success through revolution -- most of the time what comes out of a revolution is worse than what you started with. Keep that in mind before you go pining for it, because you are much more likely to get a Hitler out the other end of that process than a George Washington, and the outcome is generally not under your control.

The lawful means of compelling a government to act is called a "General Strike."
It is a refusal to work, and it is effective because it is work that is taxable. If you perform none then there is nothing to tax; ergo the government's finances collapse. This is what is happening in Greece.
Beware, however, that if you demand that which is impossible, you won't get it - no matter whether you press that demand through a General Strike or through unlawful means. That's simply because that which cannot happen won't.

There is no such thing as a Unicorn that craps out pretty colored candies.

In the case at hand in the United States we have a government on both sides of the aisle that has made promises that are mathematically impossible to keep. That same government conspired with The Fed and with Wall Street to blow a series of bubbles that led you to believe, over the space of 30 years, that you could have more than you can actually pay for with your work output. This claim was a lie and it infested virtually every area of our nation. Housing, education, medical care - all were used as a means to blow up the bubble to larger and larger dimension whenever it threatened to collapse and expose the frauds.

These claims were active frauds as anyone who examined them with any sort of critical eye toward the mathematical realities of the claims knew they were crap and could never happen.

As just one example of dozens the claim that "house prices are expected to increase 10% a year for the foreseeable future" was interpreted by many as "it's safe to finance the purchase of a house and then withdraw the claimed increase in value as this will go on forever" (see the foreseeable future words for justification in the common man's reliance.)

The lie is the mathematical impossibility of this. A $150,000 house that appreciated at that rate for 10 years would be worth $389,000. But over 30 years that same $150,000 house would be "worth" $2,617,410. Nobody ever asked the obvious question: Exactly how was a "middle class" person going to afford to buy a $389,000 house, say much less a $2,617,410 one?

They couldn't, of course, but this was the lie that was run.
In College education land the same lie was run. It led to an outrageous increase in college costs that dramatically outstripped earnings for degree-holding graduates. This in turn made college a bad deal nearly across-the-board and as it occurred colleges and lenders lobbied Congress to change the law so that when your kid got rooked by this scam they couldn't file bankruptcy and force those who blew the bubble to eat the loss.

We did the same thing with Medical Care. By providing "free" (or nearly so) care to Seniors and illegal immigrants, with the former being told "they paid for it" through Medicare taxes (a bald lie as on average they only put in 1/3rd in inflation-adjusted dollars as to what is spent on them) and the latter being simply told "you deserve it" the increase in medical insurance costs has run approximately 9% annually and will continue until and unless policies are changed. This means that the $700 a month insurance policy for the reasonably-healthy 50 year old ($8,400 a year) who has been promised "no reduction in his Medicare" will cost $171,477 a year by the time he's 85 with no adjustment for the higher expense that comes with age. That is, today's 15 year old will be forced to pay $171,477 a year for his medical insurance when he reaches 50. Obviously, he won't as that amount is more than three times today's median family income and even if we allow a 3% inflation rate (which we should not) it will be more than 100% of the median family income in inflated dollars! Since you can't pay more for something than you earn in total, what the politicians are telling you they will do cannot happen.

Keep reading

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