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to say that he didn't want to win is ignorant
I call bullshit. Bode, himself said he'd didn't give a crap about winning "that's not how I measure sucess."

However, for argument's sake, let's say he did, in his heart, want to win. Welll, just wanting something doesn't cut it. If he was serious, he wouldn't have come to the games 15 lbs overweight, he'd be able to get through the GS without nearly passing out, and he wouldn't be drinking Jager out of some hairy Italian belly-button at 5 am before a race.

I agree, he is prolly the most talented man on the WC. But hitting the lines he goes for requires peak fitness as well as natural ability. Two years ago I watched him break off the tail of a WC DH board when he landed in the backseat and ski away safely. It may have been the most amazing display of balance and raw power that I have ever witnessed. If he had ened up in the same position at the games he would have fallen on his ass.

He let himself and his country down and no amount of "winning doesn't matter" BS is going to cover up the fact that he knew that he would probably fail and did all he could to provide ample excuse for just such an outcome.

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Bode is an excellent skier. I always had great respect for his all out aggressive skiing style. Moreover, he can do more than just go fast around gates; I've seen him huck his meat (not on the course) and he skied some pretty nice big mountain lines in one of the movies that came out in the recent years (can't remember which one). I think the best skiers are the ones that excell in all forms of the sport. In my opinion, Shane McConkey exemplifies this: he was a very good racer as a child, then skied competitive moguls (and won some competitions), all before he became the leading big mountain hucker/technical-line-skier. Oh yeah, and he was also one of the leading skier-cross competitors when the circuit first came out. This was why I used to respect Bode: he was a great competitor in all racing events, held his own in the park, and has made film appearances skiing big mountain.

Though I don't think he said it with the right attitude, he has a valid point in that you should go to the Olympics to enjoy the entire experience and not necessarily hinge what you get from the opportunity of a lifetime solely on how you finish. Face it, every single person in each competition is considered among the best in the world; not everyone should go in expecting to win.

However, I can no longer bring myself to respect Bode. With his reputation and the international attention he brings to US skiing, his recent comments about skiing drunk and/or hung over, are completely unacceptable. I realize that the words were slightly twisted by the media and there may have been a little misunderstanding about the situation. However, as a competitive athlete, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to show up to every day of competition at your absolute best. As a competitor, you represent your country, state, home mountain, ski team, ski association/governing bodies and sponsors everywhere you go, both on and off the hill. It is therefore irresponsible to yourself, your fellow competitors, coaches, fans, and those you represent to show up to a competition under the influence of any substance. Not only does this give a bad name to the US, and competitive skiing in general, but it is also extremely disrespectful to teammates who work their hardest and play the game as they should.

It has also made me question some of Bode's incredible skiing feats. Some of his amazing recoveries that I always attributed to pure athleticism could simply be the result of the relaxation and other effects that alcohol has on the muscles. Could his all-out aggressive style be the rashness so often seen in drunks? I don't know. But I do know that despite his being an excellent skier, I can no longer respect Bode Miller.


"The world would be a better place if everyone kayaked."-Brad Ludden (Valhalla)
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Ski racing is gay and totally boring to watch...so who cares if Bode is a butthole. Which he is. Just listen to him talk. He may be the fastest skiier in the world (ooooh!) but he's still an ass.
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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The guy is doing exactly what he wants to do in life, If anyone on this post does not know what that means, Why are you boating? And would you apologize for reaching that goal with such ridiculous success? Yeah he is selfish, but what serious competitor in an individual sport is, to some degree, not? If you think Bode is not serious, tell me how many years you have been competing with him, and how many times you have beat him and your opinion might hold some weight.
It's also kind of funny to hear all this whining from fellow boaters. I would be a little wary of a boater who does not have just as much fun with the boating experience off the river, including (gasp!) socializing and drinking beer, out of neoprene shoes even! Go to the takeout of gore canyon the night before the race, and tell me with a straight face Bode is not serious about what he does. He did not choose to represent the U.S. when he went to the olympics, he chose to represent himself, wait, doesn't the "self" have something to do with american culture, thus representing the U.S.? I guess they should have pre-scripred his interviews and given him a teleprompter, that too would be representative of the U.S.

Regardless, I use to race competitively and have two good friends who went on to compete on the top level, with, none other than Bode Miller. I lived to ski, then I started competing... 2 days dry land training 3 days training on a slope with no chair lift, one day training on the mountain and another racing plus summer training at a-basin and mt. hood took every last bit of fun out of the sport for me, and I was only 13. if you are on the US ski team feel free to call me a little bitch. The bottom line is The fact that Bode can ski at that level and still have as much fun as anyone else is incredible, rare and respectable. Call me crazy, but the most successful runs I have ever done, be it on the river or mountain were coincidentally the most fun and care free. Not getting wrapped up in the serious training regiment and loosing sight of why you do your respective sport in the first place is a feat in itself.
Some Athletes are just insanely dedicated and gifted at what they do and just happen, through a lifetime of dedication to earn a chance to go to the olympics and get swept up by the sappy, cry me a tear triumph and tragedy prime-time soap opera that is olympic coverage along the way. Most of what I have read on this post are regurgitation's of what the commentators had to say last night on NBC, If you bought into that crap, you might be better off watching Bill O'Rieley, he is fair and balanced too! if you actually listen to what Bode has to say he sounds a hell of a lot like a boater to me.
I would boat with that dude in a second.
And if you think Bode's "bad conduct" is giving America a bad image, you might want to put that into a little perspective,
I think our current administration has the whole bad american image thing sealed up at the moment, but Bode is definitely a close second, oh yeah I forgot about Tanya Harding, she would be third, almost as evil as Bode, but not quite, I don't think she smiles enough.
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Thanks for your insights Leadpipe. But I still contend that if he didnt care to ski his best he shouldve been honest about his intentions and moved aside for someone with more aspiration. Many would give their 2 nuts for such a chance, wouldnt they?
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What Brian K said is actually right on. Miller is the biggest thing in American skiing since the Phil & Steve Mahre. Not bad for a punk from Franconia NH. The guy obviously has quiver of positive attributes, I think Nike researched this before spitting out a $50 million dollar campaign on him. Bode is young and isn't necessarily the best spokesperson for the sport of the US but lets not forget the media has really put the screws to him. Keep in mind that this Olympics has not had good ratings, at all and has been a big disappointment. The US isn't doing to well and there hasn't been much controversy. Controversy draws viewers and viewers mean ratings which translates to $$ in advertising. Look at how hard the media was digging at the Shani davis vs. his teammate crap. Look at how they set them up at their press conference.. All very planned just begging for a WWF moment.
That said, yes I think Miller's foot is firmly planted in his mouth. If he is smart and patient he'll just let his skiing do the talking for him for a while. That will shut up any naysayers! Give the kid a break he Fu*!ed up. He's no Mike Tyson just a disappointment, this Olympics.

ps. Routter, how do you know Tomba was in bed early every night? Something you want to tell us?
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another thing in every race he finished he was the top american time. 5th or 6th place in the three races. not medals but respectable. if you took out bode and replaced him with an alternate the US would have another racer finishing at the bottom of the pack that no one would have heard of or talked about. Bode's three top ten finishes matched the rest of the US alpine team combined for the olympics i think
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Wasn't gonna chime in on this one til I read the thing about the Nike campaign. I still can't beleive they had a Bode "loser" commercial in the can in case he lost. And Nike ran it after he did.

BTW, the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskies.
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i also did not want to throw my two cents in, but i guess i will....

i just want to say, bode miller never came into these olympics claiming he was going to win it all. it was all the hype surrounding him that made people think that. even before the games he made a couple statements that were akin to "im not promising anything, we'll see what happens"....and then when he finished (in a respectable position none the less, as someone stated above) in 5th, 6th, 8th, or whatever it is, people werent happy with it because it wasnt first.

now, i think he did disgraced us a little bit, but its our own fault for pumping up the hype. i dont think you can blame him that much for not doing as well as he could've. he said he was going to come in and ski as best as he could. and as we all know, skiing is an extremely variable sport. so when he did finish in a semi-respectable 8th or 6th or whatever, and it wasnt first, people freaked out. most have already forgetten he won the world cup last year, first american to do it since one of the Mahre boys back in the 80's.

the olympics are just better than the X-Games and dont give into the hype surrounding an athlete (cough TANNER HALL cough), and i will continue to root for bode miller.
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I have had no disagreement with Bode's lack of olympic spirit. I believe if you possess a talent it is yours, not someones elses, not the country's, not anybodys. I feel like an athelete can do whatever they want with their talent and I saw no issues with Bode having a good time during the olympics but one of the points made on this discussion changed my mind some. If Bode really wanted to say F you to the establishment then he should have sat the olympics out and went there just to party. THAT would have rocked their world and gave someone else a chance to dream the medal dream.
I did think the coverage of the olympics was very negative. They were going to have that girl killed for showboating and losing the gold. They sat in their chairs at night and just looked to stir the pot and talked about people settling for the silver. And then after I was sick and tired of their negative crap I settled in at 2pm yesterday to watch the cross country 50km and they put another damn ice skating review on instead. NBC just blew the whole two weeks. The curling coverage was the only coverage that didnt seem mean spirited.

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