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Active vs. Neutral Tele Bindings

In following up to my O1 thread, I tried some Movement Freeheels 176 122-89-111 this weekend with Hammerhead bindings in setting 4, which is supposed to be similiar active tension to the O1s Midstiff. Anyone agree or disagree with this tension comparison? I used them with older Blue T2s. This was my first time sking an active binding.

My first day was at Eldora, on harder snow and groomers with some side bump features and a few trees to dart around. Needless to say, the ski/binding combination were way different then my old soft Dirty birds 174 111-78-105 with G3s. I really liked the combination, they seemed quick edge to edge, held an edge, and more stable under foot, but would have liked to ski them in powder and in steeper terrian.

The binding diffently feels like you have more control and pop then my other setup. I might even be able to catch air , ok maybe not. I am not sure if my T2s are enough boot for the ski/binding combination? I ended up cranking the boot a little too tight thinking I needed that for more control and my ankle was feeling it after 3 hours or so. Maybe, it is was the binding pulling my foot down to the ski that I need to get used to. Also, I think that the binding pulling you down makes you use your muscles differently then the G3s.

On Sunday I tried them in the BC. I set the Hammerheads to level 2, for going up, which was good. This was my first time using heel lifters, which were great on steep climbs. However, when we got to the top, I could not get the binding to readjust to the level 4 setting. It was froze into place and messing around with it for very long was not an option in the extreme weather we were experiencing above tree line. So I skied them loose/level 2 in 8 to 14", which was still fun. This setting caused no tip dive of course. If they were tight would the binding force the tips down in tele knee bends?

For an all mountian ski, I really liked the Freeheels. They offered more float, stiffer, more camber, and are 11cm wider under foot then my dirtybirds. After my BC day, I would not recommend the hammerheads if you plan to ski the BC.

I am thinking about going with the Freeheels 122-89-111 and O1s (midstiff) as my all mountian and BC setup quiver of one.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated?

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Using an active binding that is in a pretty high setting(like bombers with the performance springs) for me usually results in tip dive.
Thats why I never hike or use my bombers in deep pow. I have a bc set up, which are k2 super stinx and targas for hiking and soft snow.
Needless to say up here in Casper I don't use my powder set up very often.
I think after using an active binding set-up you'll like it a lot. It took me forever to get used to bombers.(I also made the switch when I switched to T-1s) So it was a super tight set up.
Hopefully you got something out of my rambling there. I'm sitting here in class while the teacher is talking so I'm a little unfocused on my mountainbuzz.
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Hey All.

I have been using the Hammer head for a couple years and I love it. That aside, it can pack some snow in the slide rails, so I just keep a 16 penny nail or a small finnish nail counter sink in my pocket to #1 clean out the ice in the rails and #2 make moving the slide pins easier. It seems silly but when you tour with those bindings it makes a handy tool. Also for long tours, try them on the very first hole, it takes almost all of the spring tension out and makes for easy touring.

hope that helps
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I'm riding prophet 130s with 01 rid stiff. I was in about 3 feet of fresh last weekend killing it and experiencing minimal tip dive. Go big or go home.
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Kind of what I said in the other post but, I like an active binding. Riding the O1 Ridic stiff on Dynastar XXL's as a powder ski and O1 stiff on Big Trouble's for mostly on hill non fresh days. Seems like every binding is a bit different in where they and your boot flex and how active they are (even between active bindings) Anyway the hike mode on the 01s is pimp and I think it is a much better all around binding than the Hammerheads. My .02
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small finnish nail counter sink in my pocket

You should already have on of those in your saftey kit anyway.
Its called a Lurk. Its what the old Norwegians used before we cut em up into two pieces
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