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I think part of the reason he may be drawing this out is because of legal issues. Does anyone know anything about maritime law? Items left in and on water fall into a special category of ownership and possession. Salvage vs abandoned vs lost etc, and he may be under court order to keep it under lid until resolved.

In the mean time, My A.D.D. riddled mind can't handle this thread. It's like a reality show with fake, made-up drama and the OP seems especially talented at piling it on and drawing it out. I'll come back during Christmas vacation and see if anything has happened. I do wish the best for the OP. If someone is using the law to hold on to his rig...

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I do have one question from the OPs first post. How did you know that the boat broke came loose at midnight?
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Originally Posted by DoStep View Post
While y'all await the next chapter of the SM saga, pick up a copy of 'The Professor and the Madman' by Simon Winchester. It describes the editor of the OED, Professor Murray, and his relationship with the most prolific contributor of new words to the OED as it was being compiled in the late 19th century, Dr. Minor. By the book's account, Dr. Minor blows everyone listed in this thread away as far as the number of words he contributed to that tome, and it's not even close. No spoilers here as there are several twists in the fascinating story.
will do.


In the meantime.
How did quiz come about.
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Plunk your magic twanger!
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Can we rename this thread? Perhaps, "The Tragedy of the Inflated Vessel on the Mighty San Miguel".
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Originally Posted by ob1coby View Post
I think part of the reason he may be drawing this out is because of legal issues. Does anyone know anything about maritime law? Items left in and on water fall into a special category of ownership and possession. Salvage vs abandoned vs lost etc, and he may be under court order to keep it under lid until resolved.
Msn news just reported about this. The Supreme Court has suspended the current debate of high capacity magazines and Syrian refugees to focus on opies lost boat. Thread cracks me up. Either Opie can't tie a knot or run a rapid. End of story.
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Well, it's been awhile and clearly the people want more...

While clearly not as verbose as the OP, I did play a small role in the story.

Batting clean up, we launched from Beaver the following weekend. Myself, solo, in a 14' cat and team Awesome (mom, dad and, 2 preteens) in their 16' SB. Having read the OP's initial post we were on the look out for river booty.

As we pasted the Cascabell fishing club, I observed a huge wrap rock on river right. Easily avoidable but, nothing to mess with. A small voice in my head said "this is where shit went south". If you were to wrap on this rock, getting to the "good" side of the river would be nasty.

At 1200CFS this section of the San Miguel is, what most consider class 2+ with a class 4 swim. It gets trickier at lower volumes.

The rest of our trip was beautiful and uneventful. Within a mile of the take out I noticed a bit of color dancing in an eddy. With a couple strong oar strokes ,and a dive over the front, I plucked a backpack from the river.

Minutes later, at the take out, we gathered around to see what our pirates booty would behold.

Gold, jewels, maps to a land of un-dammed rivers!?

Nope, just some soggy, mud filled, bags of books, lots of books. The zipp-locs were apparently not "rigged-to -flip". A pair of soggy boots , and a nalgene.

Most of our pirate crew let out a collective "meh" while one of the pre-teen rebels went full on ape shit. "Books!" he cried. This kid is a full on book fanatic; when he get's grounded, it's from books. These books were not for the eyes of babes, and they were muddy bricks.

Where was the rest of the treasure? What happened to the crew?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see....
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Part 4

Part 4

So what to do now? I unclipped the throw line from the left oarlock. Then I crawled back into the raft and tried to unstrap my personal ammo can from the foot well. It took three attempts as the water was roiling furiously ---but I got it out and placed it on the rock. So now we had wallet, cell phone, truck keys, headlamp and other items. Then I crawled onto the back of the raft and deflated the rear chamber. If anything, the boat just sucked down tighter. I took one of the oars and wedged it between the raft and the boulder to use as a lever. I applied pressure and it immediately cracked and I jettisoned it into the river.

Could we spend the night on the boulder? Not likely. It was not flat and was in fact ridged in such a way that one of us had to serve as a banister for the other when we moved back and forth. I had explained as best I could various scenarios that might unfold to the First Mate, and what the response would be for each. She was shaking somewhat violently. I asked her if she was cold. “No” she said. “I am f**king scared to death!” “A very appropriate response,” I said. “This is a bad situation,” I concurred. “But it could easily get worse. We have to be extremely methodical, and careful. If you notice anything changing ---anything that catches your attention at all –speak up. If you end up in the river, make haste for the right bank. Now we are going to get ourselves off this rock.”

I crawled back into the boat to retrieve our sleep kit and clothes bag. First I had to free a daypack, and a mesh rigging bag. Both of these went onto the rock. Then I was able to unstrap the two river bags. Now we had a little pile of gear on the rock with us. I crept out to the front left corner of the frame and anchored the throw line with a bowline. I explained the next step. I would take the throw bag and slide into the current and make for shore. After a few more words of encouragement and good faith, in I went. I came to the end of the rope before I got to shore, and the bag was ripped from my right hand. Ten meters more and I was on shore. It took some fifty meters of downstream travel to cross eight horizontal meters of current.

While The First Mate gathered up the throw line I quickly gathered up and piled kindling and small pieces of wood for a fire. Each of our life jackets had a river knife, a whistle and a dry canister of waterproof matches.

It took her a couple tosses to get the throw bag to me on shore. It was difficult to communicate because the river was so loud. When I got the line, I tied it off to a Juniper on the bank. I was hopeful there was enough line to keep the boat anchored to shore and still have enough left to get the gear and The First Mate off the rock. The length was just shy. I instructed her to crawl out on the edge of the raft and untie the throw line. She was unable to untie the knot. “Cut it!” She did, and backed up the side of the raft and returned to the boulder.

I untied the line from the Juniper and tossed the bag back to her. She tied off the ammo can and pitched it into the current. I quickly had it on shore next to me. I tossed the bag back to her and she started to tie the two river bags together to launch them.

I looked up to see the headlights of two four-wheelers bearing down the right bank toward us. It was damned near dark.
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More! MOre! MORE!
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no tengo
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Awesome, Dana! My sentiments exactly!
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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