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Anchorage, Alaska
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Looking to go to Oahu in November. I know other islands are probably more rad but I'm only willing to take direct flights from anchorage. Looking for places that I can take my kayak and not get beat up. Also deep water break like that typical of Oregon Coast or NE. Will be taking my Jackson fun.

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Originally Posted by vtpackraft View Post
Also deep water break like that typical of Oregon Coast or NE.
We have em in Oregon but I was not aware of any deep water breaks in Nebraska?
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If the only reason you are going to Oahu is because you only want a direct flight, you are missing the mark. It is easy to grab a short flight out of Oahu to any other island at reasonable price. There is no reason to go to Oahu unless you really want to see pearl harbor, are in a surfing comp, or have business reasons to travel there. It is by far the most crowded and least interesting island in my opinion, thought plenty of fun can be had there. Leave your kayak at home, its not worth the bother of lugging it around.
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I used to live on Oahu and have spent a lot of time on the other islands. ..Oahu is geographically quite impressive. It has the highest concentration of good surf with good access, trouble is its a bit crowded...Oahu also has great hiking.
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I visited a friend who was living in Oahu and I've been to all the main Hawaiian islands. The other islands have some more spectacular geographic features, but I thought Oahu was quite cool, totally worth visiting and it doesn't take that long to get away from the crowds. I'm not knowledgeable enough to recommend kayaking surf breaks though. I imagine locals are not too keen on kayaks at popular surf breaks in Hawaii.
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Been to Oahu for the past 5 years, have not seen a WW kayak. Go for other water sports
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I honestly can't think of any reason to bring a kayak on a plane to Hawaii. I've never seen a kayak in the lineup and I don't think you'd be welcome. There is so much awesome on Oahu that I think you'd find something better to do.
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I might be jaded on Oahu as my wife's purse was stolen as we were unloading our sit on top kayaks to paddle out to the island off Lanikai. There is lots of stuff to do on Oahu, but we like the Big Island and Kuai better.

a couple trip reports:


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Don't bother packing your kayak it is a pain in the rear to deal with at the airport and cheaper to rent.

I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember Go Bananas Watersports, Go Bananas Watersports :: Hawaii, had a play boat out front. I am not sure if you can rent it or not. There are a ton of breaks, but also a ton of people on those breaks in various combinations of boards. I would consider renting a sea kayak and have fun riding the slow swells.

The North Shore is typically going off in November and packed with pro surfers waiting for the swells to come in. Makapu'u Beach typically has a nice slow wave in November and does not see a ton of people. You can also paddle out around the point or to Kāohikaipu Island. Kailua Beach Park is a popular kayaking beach, but if the trades are blowing it is really windy. There are a few islands you can paddle to if you have a day to do it. I also seem to remember a few small breaks in the area.
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Abron Cabron
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somewhere on the internetz, There is a little youtube video series about JK guys (Troutman and Dane) going to oahu and getting skunked looking for whitewater, and then finding some goods on the the big island. Awesome falls and lava channel rapids on the wet side. It looked very manageable and fun mostly....
There was also a mish in one of the older movies to run the Waimea Canyon (or maybe it was a story Oregonkayaking.net)
actually, here is an account from AW:
American Whitewater - Koai Camp to Waimea Canyon, Koaie Stream Hawaii, US
American Whitewater - HI State Rivers

again i got nothing for oahu, but on Kauai, we did a guided sit on top kayak day trip around the Napali coast, (19 miles with about 2-3' swells, it was super beautiful, but it was choppy and rowdy and could get too nasty in hurry, for us landlubbers.) we also paddled flat water up another river to hike to a hidden falls (Wailua river) it was very cool, but a pretty standard tourist trip as well...
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