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sj said...
Now how about how the house's are not fit for the Climate and what of these social ills I am suffering

Ok please show me the fact that says 4 hours a week.

Dude, you live in Highlands Ranch; which is one of the worst suburban sprawl communities in the United States. Watch the movie below (you will probably have to get in your car and drive somewhere to get it)

And please go to DRCOG's website and read.
Here is one PDF for you.

Good info on green building. Leeds certification is the way to go! You can certify an existing building or a new building. It’s pretty neat.

Geothermal heating and cooling is becoming more and more popular in states like CO, ID, and NV.

I think wind and solar is good as well but if you start with a good design you do not need as much energy.
Imagine if the houses were all designed using passive heating and cooling? It usually does not cost more, it is just designed well (i.e. by a Leed certified architect/engineer not a developer).
The trouble with preexisting structures is that they are likely not oriented right on the site. Most suburban sites do not face the right way. Usually there are many windows on the West side (bad bad bad) with out any type of protection from the elements and there is probably not a low-e film on those windows. The Southern facing side usually has very few windows (bad bad bad)…South=good=sun in winter/shade in summer, due to the orientation of the sun. The north is the cold side, duh, windows are bad here too…too much heat loss/gain through the U value of the windows. There are exceptions, North is artists light, they like the diffused light.
To calculate this there are a few good formulas:
GLF (glass load factor)
Mean Radiant Temp MRT to see how the temp of different walls corresponds to the temperature of a room. IE: a wall with a huge window, this will either increase the temp of a room in the summer and decrease the temp in the winter. This is important to understand the consequences of the placement of the windows.
MRT= [(T1xTheta1) + (T2 x Theta2)+…)]/360
There is trig involved in the above formula…oh no!
Or you can just use Energy 10, a pretty new computer program and it will do all the work for you, all you have to do is enter wall heights and placement, window sizes, and the estimated R value and it will tell you how efficient the house is.

Just some stuff I have messed around with...I would say if you need help, get an enginner to check your designs. I went through school for environmental design in architecture and we only had to take 5 different engineering classes for this kind of stuff...far from being any kind of trained expert; I just know enough to do a prelim. design and get checked by an engineer.

Shortbus...thanks! Atleast someone sees where I am coming from. The opportunity you have is so awesome! Where are you located? How did you get involved in this?
So cool!


"I would lick it up if it weren't all glassified and on concrete"
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Though I don't believe the reasoning (to stop global warming--I think we'll find this to be a natural trend, as was the cooling in the 70's), I am happy to see people being conscience of their local environments. There are some great conservation ideas. Personally, I plumbed the house I'm in with in floor heat, and use one tankless heater to heat domestic water and floor heat (I have an alternate heat source, but it rarely runs). I have a priority switch, so when I need domestic water, it shuts off the in floor circulation pump. This system is far more efficient than when I heated with straight forced air.

I had to comment b/c someone said to turn your hot water heater down. DO NOT DO THIS! You will create an environment for Legionares(sp?) disease, which is very serious. I believe the min temp required is 120 f. If you use your domestic heater in an open loop system with a hydronic heat system (as I described) you will also need to take special precautions to avoid Legionarres.

Jonny Water--I'm envious of your desiel set up, but tell me how you're doing a cross country trip with the fuel you make in your garage!? You will have to tow a fuel trailer!

"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at
one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."

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Christine- thanks, appreciate the support. I live in Cody, WY, Northwest wyoming, the East Gate to Yellowstone. I fell into this opportunity because in the winter I am a carpenter, (I own a seasonal paddleshop in the summer). My winter boss, (and sub sequentially me ) is the one building the new McMansion where my little hovel used to stand, and he knew I was looking for a way to move into town, so that's how I got hooked up. Its a double-edged sword, I'm not big on abetting someone else's gluttonous standard of living, but the job lets me come and go as I please, so I abide. Incidentally, I know of three more houses that are to be moved or bulldozed to make way for new development, which is a shame, they are actually pretty nice. unfortunately, around here, its a race to see how big we can get, a race straight to the bottom in my opinion. but anyway, after reading your last post, I just wanted to add that because I moved my house in,I had the chance to orient it for the best possible passive solar opportunities, which has turned out to be a good choice. incidentally, this is the only way I have found to be able to afford property in my own hometown.
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We(CU graduate/PHD students and staff) have been working a lot on using sustainable design to create affordable housing both in the US and around the world. It is amazing what happens when good design, eco-friendly people and natural reusable materials are used. Sambo Mocksbee (sp?) was a great architect and instructor at AuburnUniv. in Alabama and used this technology to create affordable housing down there.
"I would lick it up if it weren't all glassified and on concrete"
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I want to know how Sprawl is defined in Boulder?

I to live in Highlands Ranch there are 3(three) King Soopers/Safeways, Blockbusters, etc. and a post office. That I can walk to and be home in about 20-30 min.

It's kind of funny how an area accused of Urban Sprawl can get awards for being one of the best laid out suburban neighborhoods.
Open space parks, schools, shopping all within a short walk.

By the way it takes me about 30 min to drive from the "Ranch" to Downtown each day.
If you want to do something about traffic the best way for that to change is for companys to stager the workday not have everyone come in at 8 o'clock in the morning and leave at 5pm or if possiable work from home.
Till this changes traffic will just get worse.

And as I said before its "Lies, Damn Lies and then Stastics".
"I just stood there and watched the whole thing happen!!!"
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start living in places like this

Solar Village Maple. Your downtown address for an active and efficient lifestyle.

Coming to downtown Fort Collins, Fall of 2008..

for more information go to. Fort Collins Real Estate - Ft. Collins, Colorado
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Originally Posted by sj View Post
Hey cukayakgirl. I obviously don't beleive your sources anymore than I beleive the oil funded Global Warming Studies. But am willing to read about your angel. Here's some real life facts my neighborhood. One freind has to go to Boulder every Friday. Takes an hour on a good day and an hour and a half on a bad. Thats from Quebec and C-470 to The Longmont Turnpike leaving at 8 pm and 5 pm. So on a bad day thats 3 hours to traverse the whole city up and back. So this guy would be on the high end of what people commute in Denver and on a bad day he only hits 3 hours.(he works at home 4 days). So my point if a person can traverse the whole metro area in 3 hours on a bad day. How can the average be 3 hours. A lot of the burbs are to the S and E and most of the Jobs are in the Tech Center.
So it seems that the average person drives to the city one day a week and works at home the rest of the time? I wish we could all be so fortunate. I have lived near Denver, Phoenix, and now live in North Carolina and in all the places I have lived I have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the local traffic. I now live in a small town in NC where at most I wait in traffic for under 2-3 minutes, and yet I spend at least 10 hours a week in traffic. In order to go the the grocery store, school, or any where else I end up stuck in traffic on the highway, coming in and out of shopping centers, and even just in parking lots! And if I go to Charlotte to the Whitewater Center, I have spent as much as 6 hours in traffic (one way!) trying to get less than 100 miles! So I would have to say that 3 hours a day on average in traffic seems pretty accurate to me. So how about instead of bitching at each other about exactly how long each individual spends in traffic daily, lets put these brains to work and try to think of some solutions. Maybe take the time to do some reading up on the information CUkayakGirl has presented. You know, being a graduate student studying Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning, maybe she just might know what she's talking about?
We never know the worth of water until the well is dry.
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Mike- We are taking a 35 gal drum with us. It stands up in the back of my car. You have to sacrifice something, right? The trip willl require about 60 gal. I have a 16 gal tank. the rest of the trip we will buy biodiesel on the road.
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Chip Thanks again would love to get together sometime but inlew of that could you tell me were you buy your stuff and if you could supply links My wife and I are commited to solar and being compltely off grid in 5 years. peace sj

Abiham. I used my neighbor as an example for the fact that a person can drive from the South end of the metro area to the north end and back during peak time in about 3 hours. Making an average time of 3 hours for every commuter in the metro area doubtfull. I know she is studuing Urban development. And knows her stuff. I only called bs on one line. sj

Cukayakgirl The Denver Biz journal has time at 52 min. Real estate developers are taking notice of home-based businesses - The Denver Business Journal:
The Us census in 2000 had it at 24 minutes which seems way to low. I was not calling bs on you as a person. Just on your 4 hours a day line. It seemed way out of line and the highest link I could find other than yours was 52 min. By Realators. I do however feel you get a free pass on here more often than not becuse you are a cute, intellegent young lady who boats. That coupled with the fact that you interjected am radio type dialoge in your suburban rant. made me want to call you out on what i thought was a wrong stat 4 fold in fact. I would like to note i did so with the smiley icon signaling it's all in good fun. And I did laugh at your get your facts straight line and then you said So what i was wrong an hour. I am a math guy 25% is quite a bit to me. So I did have fun with that but will say I am sorry for laughing at you.

I am fully aware of the evils of suburbia and only chose to live here Ironically becuse I did'nt like to commute and wanted to be close to work. Since i moved here the population has went from 9k to 100k and if my kids were not intrnched in school would leave yesterday. read my post on the first page and then tell me if I am still the root of all evil. Steve "Jonsey" Jones
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The total cost of the system was about $15k, offset by a $3k state grant. Since it produces about $300 worth of power per year, it's not cost-effective. But given our mounting frustration with US energy policy, we wanted to realise our intentions in some tangible way. Plus, I like to tinker. The lot's too small with neighbours too near to install wind turbines. So the choice was solar: silent and bloody expensive.

The system design and installation was by Scott Kane of Creative Energies, Lander WY <>. They supplied everything but the Uni-Solar shingles, which were from Burdick Technologies Unlimited, in Lakewood, CO: <>. I laid the cable. Doing all the work yourself would save about $4k. The Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter was about $3k as I recall (the bills are in a tax file, buried someplace). I like having a grid-tie rather than batteries, since the power we don't use alleviates (however slightly) the need for new sources.

We now rent out the house with solar system and live just up the river on a larger lotó big enough to think about wind power.

Here's what I've learned. As far as cost-effective ways to save energy, rather than installing PC panels or wind turbines, start by replacing inefficient appliances (tank water heaters, refrigerators, electric baseboard heat, etc.) with power-saving designs. Conservation is far less costly and very much simpler than generating power. Once you get your consumption down to some goal (e.g. 25% of your present use) then look for alternative power sources.

I'm also keen on ultra-light river trips, but we can take that up later.


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