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Politics suck. I don't think this was initialy about politics. It started because medman was offended by some comments directed at conservatives. That isn't politics. That is strereotyping. I'm pretty freakin liberal but I don't stereotype convervatives. I don't agree with them, I'll try and change them, but I don't disrespect them. We all come from different places, and therefore have different takes on things. If you can't convince someone that you are correct then maybe you are wrong(doesn't matter cause there is no right and wrong).

Medman, you took some offense to some off handed inappropriate statements. I respect that. At the same time it comes off as a bit of white male paranoia. You are not going to get much sympathy. You are a young white male doctor, and conservatives are currently in control of the most powerful government in the world. You can't really expect us to accept a comparison to making statements towards Jews.
Originally Posted by medman
What if we upped the anty and instead of conservatives or front rangers you said christians, or jews. I just think that what you have to say is against everything you and your party (and my values) believes in. It's bigotry--
That is gonna get us fired up.

That is my take on the whole thread. BTW medman I'm Leo we paddled Golden a few times. I'd be happy to paddle with you some more and not talk politics. If not I have you confused with someone else. Always a possibilty on the buzz.

And since rasdoggy has not chimed in: please visit we never talk politics. We are way to gripped when we paddle to care.

Damn I Look Good.
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haha....alright...i love you all and will actually see you on the river over the course of the next week....i arrive in D-Town tonight at 11 and i hope i run into as many of you as possible.....paddle hard and take chances.....


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Hi, I am new to this website. I was wondering if this is a place for kayakers, or wannabe politicians?
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Well since it was asked for "maybe a post about how the yahoo group is nonpartisan"

Here goes I'm not sure about the group politics we are to busy trying to decide where to paddle next and giving tips to each other to bring it up...

If your truly an enviro paddle a dugout with a branch that you drag from stream to stream and live in a tepee.

And as I've been told by the postd here I guess I have to face the fact I really am the enemy (grew up 714 (socal) livin 303)

Best wishes to you all and let the Rasdoggy bashing begin...
Don't do anything, just stand there.
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So this "fundamentalist Christian view" that you all think that Bush is pushing is ironically the foundation on which this country was built on. If you believe that standing on some sort of moral ground is christian activism them we should all just live in anarchy since many (almost all) of our laws are based upon christian principles.
i resisted getting baited into this one but i can't stand this crap being thrown around. Some very brief googling reveals . . .

John Adams, the second U.S. President rejected the Trinity, the deity of Christ, and became a Unitarian. It was during Adams' presidency that the Senate ratified the Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Tripoli, which states in Article XI that:

As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion - as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen, - and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arrising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries. (Charles I. Bevans, ed. Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949. Vol. 11: Philippines-United Arab Republic. Washington D.C.: Department of State Publications, 1974, p. 1072).

but maybe you have a better perspective of our country's founding, medman, than did the Senate (NOT IN ANY SENSE) so shortly after our country was founded.
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Medman, jeez give me a break. You really think that we wouldnt know that murder was bad if we arent christians? Why try to swing to the extreme? I thought we were having a political chat. Stop with the over exaggeration and lets move forward. If you cant seriously look at how far these appointments are to the right then I guess we really have no room to discuss further.
Everybody who is bitching about this topic. Hey read another post and stay off this one. It says Off Topic, political debate. Read the subject and go paddle if you are wanting to talk about kayaking.
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I'm with you all the way!

I'm in educational debt over my head (4 degrees)

I'm conservative

I'm sick of all the liberals out there that do nothing but bash Republicans
Note: out of all of these posts how many republicans do you see bashing liberals in comparison to libs & Dems bashing Repubs/Cons.?

I will boat with you any day! (that I can get away)

Next note: If I wanted to stoop low I could have arranged my post as follows!
I'm in educational debt over my head (4 degrees)...... unlike the liberal, cake eating trust funders who have been catered for and have no common sense on life issues, oh yeah and how to grow up!!!!

I'm conservative...... the only way to think! all liberals are lost in a world of handouts & believe in entitlement for all! Get a job and dont be too pompous to "lower" your employment status in order to stop milking the system until the economy gets better! Oh yeah feed your family dont let me, the government, and all republicans spoon feed your children! unless you allows us to educate them in the REAL ways of the world!!!

I'm sick of all the liberals out there that do nothing but bash Republicans
Note: out of all of these posts how many republicans do you see bashing liberals in comparison to libs & Dems bashing Repubs/Cons.?

I will boat with you any day! ...that I can get away from my small business that is struggling from the lack of support offered from Liberal movements & attitudes that are too proud to come to my business because of the GW sticker on my V8 Truck that I actually use for its intended purpose & dont complain about gas prices! I'll take anyones $$$$$!!
oh yeah & if you didnt seem to read my first post the majority of my freinds are screeming liberals (with an education mommy & daddy did not pay for!)so dont pull the Liberal Hater card on me!!!! I hate the uneducated, cheap ass forntrange boulderite who insists on hating anyone(repub.) who does not see life his/her way!!!! Who pays high dollar to golf just as much as a Repub. who happens to golf, Drives A huge SUV on vacation but bikes to work!! Yeah that helps! Who spends more time destroying and insulting our country than working toward making it better and patting losers on there back while giving them freebies in one hand while holding a bottle of lube in the other!

OH J ROCK your so witty!!!
"play a couple extra rounds of golf this week and bitch about how the poor suck so bad as they smoke $100 Cuban cigars and dream about having sex with their mom. "

First: The poor do suck....GET A GODDAM JOB!
Clinton: Avid Golfer
Clinton: Cigars????? HMMMMMMMM
Clinton: Sex with mom..... Most likely, look how hideous Monica & his wife are!
Dude get a clue!!!!!!!!
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I miss the days when our country's biggest concern was who was sucking off the president. Now we are mired in an us vs. them, with us or against us, good vs. evil world. Nasty times are afoot.

I wonder whether Jesus would be so cool with a man that lied to start a war that has killed so many. Will the pearly gates open for a liar? Is this a country for conservative Christians or people of all beliefs and religions? Is it OK to kill a man in the name of justice and torture men for information, but wrong to provide the same rights to people differnt than you, be they gay or straight?

When the president identifies three countries that are a threat, Iraq, Iran and North Korea, why on the grounds of national security do you attack the only one without a nuclear weapons program?

Debate is so helpful, through defending our beliefs, we better understand our positions.
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Medman and fellow conservatives,
several of your assertions are utterly false;one, all liberals receive and favor handouts,I have never received one penny in governmental assistance,always advocated workfair,and despise bums and beggars.I hsd a job 2 days after being eligible for a work permit age 14.
2)the countries where we have intervened have generally benefitted- you site Germany and Japan,yes we were perhaps the most magnanamous victors in world history that was 60 years ago ,stop living of grandpa.these are the exception not the rule,during the cold war we supported virtually anyone who wasn't a communist,the human rights records and economic developement in these 2nd and 3rd world pseudo democracies is not much better than in communist block.TRY FOISTING THAT NONSENSE ON LATIN AMERICA.
3)This counntry was founded by fundamentalists; you say the Puritans 1620,first I seem to recall St.AUGUSTINE 1560'S,ROANOKE 1588(YES THEY DISAPPEARED),Jamestown 1607,and Santa Fe 1610.All these colonists were religious as well ,that was the only paradigm they knew,we know better in light of our greater understanding of the operant principles of the universe.There was not uniformity of religion amongst these groups,in fact the English colonists wer fleeing religous persecution from the Anglicans.
The founding fathers /framers of the constitution were largely dieists influenced by the English ,SCOTTISH ,and yes the French philosophers of the enlightenment,they were as liberal religously as was allowable at the time!The constitution says"endowed by their creator" not endowed by Jerry Fallwell's creator.
4)conservative are being unduly picked on,maybe on this forum,but in society at large it's liberals who being bashed to a greater degree,and the media being bullied by the administation to silence dissent.Its the Bush administration thats subverting advice and consent of the senate/sepation of powers,coopting the powers of co-equal branches of government
Could point out more fallacies and hipocracies but have to go to work,yes I RUN A SMALL BUSINESS.


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