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Before anything else I have to admit to my huge crush on Adam since the 8th grade when I joined our highschool ski team. I always felt so inferior to him as I watched him sharpen and wax his skis before races...but my crush on him just made me ski that much faster... I just had to get to his level so he could notice me! Adam and I lost touch until I moved to Denver 3 years ago. Oddly, we ran into one another on the street downtown and realized that we work in the same business. I couldn't believe my luck!

Needless to say the last three years with Adam around have been great...When skiing he has always been there cheering me on and telling me what a great skier I still am (Um how can you be considered great when you're skiing with Adam?) I remember skiing with him and the boys at Copper one day. They took me in the trees with my skinny skis on...I was cursing him the whole way down...and ever more so when I was stuck up to my chest in powder. But sure enough Adam called me and coaxed me out with his words of encouragement...and as I came out of the woods he was standing there waiting even though the boys had cruised ahead. And he still told me I was an awesome skier...PLEASE!

Adam is one of the only people I can think of who is always in a good mood. He ALWAYS has a positive thing to say. And he is ALWAYS cheering you on. I always said that whatever girl was lucky enough to tear his eyes and love away from adventure just for a moment would be the luckiest girl.

Adam...your smile, crazy stories and sense of adventure will be missed by so many people you have touched. I wish I could have just one more impromptu phonecall to catch up. I'll be looking forward to the next time...

Love always, Torrey

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spending time remembering

I am sad, and feel a bit hollow at the moment -- and it is odd to see postings from people I know, but don't get to see, and it is such a shame that we are here on this site, together for this reason.. I remember Adam from my age of 7 onward -- we Minnesotans kinda stick together. It was always fun to get together when we could -- talk about old times -- old people - new news etc. We grew up -- and still kept in touch, and that is pretty unique & special. Thanks to Martina -- we had Sushi in March - and it was a great time -- I will always remember that.

Adam always made me feel lazy -- simply for the fact that in comparison I was. I would tell him about taking the dogs for a swim topped off with a Law and Order marathon, (or something close,) over email on a Monday morn -- and he would have been kayaking, skiing, biking, or whatever he was doing, most likely would have found a way to do it all in one day.

Honestly I am still hoping he has embezzled a ton of money and has faked the whole thing to escape to a non extradition country to live out his days in the tropics. Don't worry I won't tell.

The simple truth - is that he never wasted a single moment. Though we all wish he would have taken this day off...he got 10 lifetimes of memories, achievements and joy in this short life. He packed it all in and for that we all get to be proud of him.

I am trying to be positive, but we will still miss you. There is a big part of my childhood, that is gone -- and won't every be forgotten.
I am sure where you are there are big rivers and mountains within your reach. I hope you know Mom and Dad send their love too.


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For anyone who knew Adam, no matter how casually, please feel welcome to attend his memorial tommorrow. He was friend to a huge number of people and it will be great to have a big crowd to remember him.

We miss you Adam, keep hammering.

We are putting together a slide show to remember some of the good times with Adam. If you have pictures you'd like to see included, please send them to or
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I had the pleasure to boat, ski, and just hang with Adam. We weren’t the closest of friends, but we have had more than a few adventures together. I’ve been going through old pictures last night and this morning, remembering good times. I’d like to share some memories from three of these adventures with his friends… and perhaps these will help you recall similar good times.

We were on a snow cat trip down in Creed back in Feb’ 05, it was Presidents Day w/e and a group of about 12 of us were partying and enjoying fresh tracks and great snow. Despite some mechanical problems, we got in about seven runs where I saw him attack steep drops and difficult terrain on his tele’s with a tenacity and grace that I never saw before or since. Unfortunately, that grace did not carry over to dancing. The next night up in CB, he and I had separated from the group to check out this live band across the street. So there we were, dancing to a really shitty band, fronted by a loud, possibly deaf, female vocalist. As bad as this band was, our dancing was even worse. But there he was, just throwin it out there and me just trying to keep up, both of us looking as drunk as we were. The ladies were not impressed. I laughed so hard that night I cried.

I’ve always had an attraction to wilderness runs. Roads and railroads along a creek or river have always taken a little something away from the experience and why I do the thing we do. So, despite its reputation, I’ve always had this desire to run NSV above Buttonrock. Well, the day came when Adam, Will R., and Brian A. (last names removed to protect the guilty) were running it and agreed to guide me down. Adam ran the second cascade (rarely run) and styled it, the guy was so strong I’m surprised he never broke a paddle from simply boofing. I followed this group’s lines and was very grateful for their patience, descriptions, and attention they gave to me as I was definitely the guy they needed to keep an eye on and not just because I was the NSV virgin. I don’t recall the conversations as we paddled the 3 miles of lake at the end, but the attitude was of happiness, awe, relief (on my part) and a camaraderie that is rarely achievable in an average life. Adam’s life was far from average. We all gave fake names and addresses to the ranger waiting for us at the take out (I used Marty Cronin), but Adam later had to admit to the ranger that he was lying because he already ran the license plates of all the cars in the parking lot. I thought we were all getting a ticket at that point but Adam stepped up, covered for us, and handled it so well that the ranger let us off with a warning. I don’t think I ever thanked you properly for that Adam. You had my back that entire day.

The latest adventure was flying out to Cali last month to run Mill Creek; a beautiful 32 mile class V wilderness overnighter. The crew was Peter W. Adam, and The Craw. Deer and Mill creek were projects Craw (Marty) had been pushing for years. Deer was a bit high so we decided on Mill. I’ll always remember Craw calling me a day before the trip, “Darren, I just saw Adam. He just bought his groceries for the overnight and he has 4 or 5 grocery bags full of… well, groceries!!!” See, Craw, Peter and I had the standard REI dehydrated meals and Clif bars. Adam just said, “Dude, I can’t eat that crap, I need real food.” When we checked our bags at the airport, I had about 37lbs of gear/food, Craw had 50, but when Adam checked his bag it weighed in at almost 80 lbs!!! Craw and I were just shaking our heads and laughing as he paid the overweight charges. We really got a kick out of that. He even bought an extra salami sandwich at the last gas station to take with him! We sat at the bank of that creek for probably 30 minutes as he stuffed all that food into his dry bags.
During this trip he shared with us an old nickname he was given, “Five Bellies.” The guy even ate class V. And for those that know him, I think you’ll agree that he crammed five lives in the 30 years he spent here too.
We didn’t agree on many lines on that trip… I don’t think he likes “sneaks.” And I still feel he was instrumental in my acquiring a bad case of Poison Oak, but I was sure glad to have him there, and not just to rescue me and my shit if I got in trouble.

I’ll post some of the pictures that triggered these memories later this week.

I wish I knew him better,
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RIP Adam--

I didn't know you well Adam but I sure had a great day with you and Will late last spring on the South Saint Vrain with the gauge pushing 500 CFS. Marsha the Marshall was there, Nick Hinds and Duckie Man. The water was high and the lines were smooth. We cleaned the White Mile. Some random gawker who had a boat jumped into the river in the middle of our run thinking he could tackle the meat and nearly got pummeled. Everyone politely asked him to get out of the water, and I think it was you Adam, who so eloquently explained that the river was tough and one needed more than a girlfriend with a throwbag to paddle it. Maybe you saved his life there? Who's to know? I felt sick when I heard of your passing. I'll never get used to that part of the paddling game. Clean lines forever...........Joe Carberry........Paddler magazine
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I just called the Boulder County Open Space dept and spoke with Lisa and said said they just took a reservation for the Flagstaff Summit area -- and I verified that this reservation was for Adam, 303-441-3440, . She gave me directions of 3.5 miles up flagstaff road & there will be a sign on the right that says Flagstaff Summit -- there you take a right, and the area where we all will be will be on the right hand side, something tells me you won't miss it.
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I also went to college with Adam, and got to know him pretty well through Chinese class and going abroad.

One thing I really appreciated about him was his ability to give advice. There were so many times when I'd be worried about something, end up having a chance conversation with Adam about it, and afterward things seemed so much simpler. I think it was the way he viewed the world - people are basically good, and things tend to work out the way you hope for. And he was just about always right.

Another thing I always respected about Adam was how intelligent he was, and how he never made a big deal out of it. In fact, I'm pretty sure he loved it when people mistook him for a meathead, jock, or whatever. As carefree and happy as he always was, there was definitely a serious, ambitious side to him that he balanced really well.

Adam was an awesome guy in so many ways - one of the few people who could get along and relate with anyone. Nothing can express what an awful loss this is for everyone who knew him. RIP Bao.

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UPDATE: Memorial on Flagstaff

The memorial will be held at Sunrise Circle Amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain at 3pm Weds, May 31st, 2006.

Directions from Baseline and Broadway in Boulder.
Head west on Baseline Road. Pass Chautauqua Park.
Baseline takes a sharp turn right (at Gregory Canyon trail area) and becomes Flagstaff Rd.
Continue uphill on Flagstaff Rd for about 3.5 miles.
Turn right on Summit Rd. Follow signs to Amplitheater.

There is limited parking, so people might think about parking at Chautauqua Park and taking the Gregory Canyon hike up to the Amphitheater. It is a 1,120 foot ascent over 1.5 miles. Should take most people an hour or less.

If you don't have Boulder county plates, there is a $3 parking fee anywhere along Flagstaff Mountain.
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I was lucky enough to meet Adam through my best friend, and one of Adam's best friends, Ack. Ack and I were attending law school in Denver, and I was fortunate to be able to tag along with him on some ski trips to Adam's parents' house in the mountains. I was always in awe of Adam because of how talented he was - even more amazing was the way he related to people. Although I felt intimidated by Adam's abilities, it was not because of anything Adam did. He had an amazing ability to make me feel comfortable and confident even as a beginning snowboarder trying to hang with the big boys. He made me feel like he was sincerely a friend from the first moment I met him. Adam was one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. Even my mom has a vivid recollection of him after sitting with him for only an hour at a Rockies game the weekend Ack and I graduated from law school. She remarked that he was such a sincerely nice person. I had a small crush on Adam when I lived in Denver, and I don't think I ever considered pursuing it because I saw him as being out of my league. I wish I could have spent more time getting to know him and improving my riding ability so I could have attempted to ride with him more than the one or two times I did. Adam was so successful at everything he did, he could have turned out arrogant and self-centered; instead, he was the exact opposite: humble and sincerely caring - which I think is a testament to his parents and what wonderful and generous people they are. Neither Adam or his parents ever hesitated to open up their house to us - Ack and I even stayed at his parents' new place when nobody else was there and work was still being done on it. I was looking forward to spending some more time with him when I move back to Colorado in a few years. My thoughts go out to his family and everyone who has been touched by his life and death. He will be missed, and he will never be forgotten.
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A flower for Adam's Memorial...

For those of you who will be attending Adam's Memorial, there'll be some empty vases there if you would like to bring one or a few long-stem flowers to contribute, symbolizing everyone coming together for the sake of Adam.

We love you Adam and miss you so much!

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