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None this year...knock on logs. Two years ago, Pauley creek in Cali got me. Super fun and easy creek set me up, the bitch. I was coming down one of the many 8 to 10 foot falls, in a Riot Sniper, which likes to back ender(if you're slacking), which I was and it did. I rolled up very quickly in the hole, cartwheeled and face planted right into the cliff wall on river right side of hole. I swam but recovered my composure at the end and ran Pauley Falls.

One of my favorite swims was getting my Savage Fury sucked off my body in Gore. That shitty boat made me swim more than any other, always blowing skirts.

Favorite near swim/hole ride - 11 mile canyon the year they drained Antero reservoir(I'm thinking 800 cfs). That drop somewhere in the middle of the whole run. It has a nasty ledge hole after constricting and coming down a speedy green tongue. Well, that hole grabbed me and my XXX and I went for a ride - about five minutes. Enough time for my buddy to help rescue the guy that came down after me, get him to shore, run back up and offer a rope, which I waived off, and I finally figured out how to escape the hole and not get tossed back in by the cliff and rock backed river left eddy.

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I think my favorite was up on the Cal-Salmon. We were running a new to us section and we came up to a horizon line. I happened to be leading at the time so I pulled over to scout. Easy class III drop. I yelled back down to Craw, Booth, Peter, and Breck to go left of the entrance rock and exit the rapid to the left to avoid a nasty looking hole on river right with an overhanging cliff.

Everyone cleaned it and caught the enormous eddy on the left... which gave them a good view of what was to come.

I got back in the 3Fun, decided to start right of the rock and then cut left as there looked to be plenty of time. I got squirted a little bit at the start and by the time I brought the nose down I didn't have time to make the move left. So I decide to punch it. Wham, stopped, flipped, paddle gone, WTF?, swim. Yeah I know, the only person to look at the thing swims it, they thought that was pretty funny too.

The section was so good though, we all decided to run it again the next day. I opted for a creekboat this time. I got a little shit but everyone probably thought I was shaken up from the swim the day before. When we got back to that drop, I lined that thing up and started windmilling my paddle. I had so much speed I had trouble keeping the boat on line (and that boat was new to me since I broke the Gradient in Bear earlier (which may have contributed to a swim that day too)). So anyway, I get some speed and punch it. Wham, I start to climb out the other side and was about to pass the peak of the foam pile when my momentum was overcome by gravity and the hydraulic of this deep dark hole. My second ride in this monster may not have been successful, but it was one to be proud of. I almost got out once, maybe twice. I'll get through it one day.


"I think I handled my alcohol pretty well considering how drunk I was." -Cousin Dan
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Now that's entertainment.

"The world would be a better place if everyone kayaked."-Brad Ludden (Valhalla)
"You only get one chance to run a drop blind."-DD
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My favorite swims- 1 Forrest Noble in Deer Creek at 2g. The level was big and all him and I could talk about was running the big falls. When we got there it was clear thats all we were gonna do was talk about it.

After 25 minutes of talking Forrest out of it, we start heading down the river. We are with two awesome Cali boaters and they are already scared of Forrest. We get to this horizon line and I jump out and take a quick look. Theres a huge hole and I see the line. Give forrest the beta and as he starts to peel out I yell wait! You better look.

Meanwhile the brains of our group Gordon Banks who hates holes more than anyone, cause you actually have to paddle through them, finds a chicken route far right. So now the 2 cali boaters, forrest and I are looking at the hole. Forrest walks up to it, says my directions are great and whats the problem? I'm like-- I think you're gonna hit that wall get stopped and beaten brutally. Than Dave S goes why don't we just run where Gordo ran? Forrest looks at him and says that's class 3, this is class 5! Looks at me as he gets in his boat and says thats not a hole, watch this. Brutal swim! I loved it.

My favorite was in supermax. The week before we were paddling the embudo and below cheesegrater Paul Zirk gets caught in a hole 4ft from shore. I hop out of my boat and yell to Paul to hold on as I could reach his grab loop. He pulls and swims. Once out of his boat he stands up 4ft from shore in just above knee deep water looking at me. He's like wtf! So beening a good boating buddy, while he's standing there watching his boat float away, I toss my rope over his shoulder. He grabs it and throws it back at me and says FU!

So back to Supermax, I'm in a centerfuge and the level is 350ish. My safety- Paul Z, Rasta. I enter and get back endered in the second entrance slide and roll just in time to vertical pin under the rock. My elbow pads and helmet get pulled off by the force and I'm stuck. I pull and swim only to have Rasta rope me and Zirk to get my shit. Zirk made me buy back one of my elbow pads. Was a great swim.

Another good one was Rigo at 950. I had been running it everyday from 1900 to that day. I must have paddled it 30 times over 1500 in two weeks.

I was with Tim Kelly and hadn't been upside down in rigo in 5 yrs. I enter perfect, which usaully means the run is casual. I hit the right wall lateral and get back endered upside down. Instead of listening to my boy Forrest(who is upside down a 1/4 of the time) and staying upside down and doing pull ups, I roll instantly and fall into the hole. Takes me about 20 seconds to get stable in a side surf, the hole keeps pulling me into the left hole in the wall. More trashings over there and get stable again in a side surf and pull while I'm upright. Using a hand on my paddle along with the boat I'm able to low brace and stand and jump out past the hole. Swam as Hard as I could to get around the lower boulder on the right.

When I hit the right side of the boulder I went deep and resurfaced half way under the bridge. Swam out exhausted at the lower put in only to realize my pants were pulled around my ankles and stuck on my shoes. I Layed on the shore, half in the water with my pants down for 10 minutes. Brutal swim.

Swim3- Gordo aka the victim. We were paddling Spencer at 4.5ft. We get to bone yard and I'm like "whats the line here"? Beav looks at me and is like "you can go left, you can go right and the middle is ok also. So paddling with him forever, I know, back off and watch as he has no frickin clue where the hell he's going. Than he goes, oh and watch out at the bottom, theres a big wave, but it might be a hole at this level.

We enter middle and wham! First hole gordo is upside down, he rolls and drops into a bigger hole. Beating starts and I'm getting closer to him as he misses 3/4 rolls due to dropping into holes or hitting rocks. He swims and grabs my boat and climbs on the back deck. We are going down this thing vertical and out of control.

I get Gordo 5ft from shore and tell him to get off and get out. He lets go only to regrab me. See most of you don't know, but Gordo can't swim! So after 3 tries I get him off and out.

My arms are numb and I'm tired when I see the river funneling through two rocks. No eddies i'm going in. Of course theres a frickin hole, and huge monster hole. I put my head down and wham! Worked and spit, could barely roll and catch a well needed eddy. Was a classic Gordo moment.
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Great thread...

I'm not so proud to report that is was a banner year for swims for me. I should have added scuba fins to my gear to aid in swimming. On the optimistic side of things, it was a great year for beatdown practice, and I feel that I am getting quite accomplished at getting the shit beat out of me. My grande finale of beatdowns will be to snorkel no fun falls next season.

I took 7 swims this year (the horror!),almost matching my career total of 8 prior to this season. I got a little of everything this year... A couple of pins to swims (clear creek of the ark and bear creek), a couple of hole rides to swims (2 in bear creek), a wall check swim (magnetic wall escalante), weird swim (tangled in climbing rope in an eddy on clear creek at low water), and the always shameful bullshit upside down raked over rocks in class II/III swim on bailey.

Excuses range from: I suck, testicles suddenly shrunk, no fun falls really is a good rodeo hole, a rock jumped up and grabbed my boat, my boat had too much water in it, my mommy didn't tuck me in the night before, my sherpa didn't wax my paddle correctly, it was too windy, and I farted too much in my boat.

Best excuse heard from someone else this year was... he told me there was a good surf wave... (this was the beta that caused him to paddle backwards with no momentum over a huge and obvious pourover on bailey at high water)

Some swims were pretty mellow as far as swims go. After pinning hard on clear creek of the ark and not being able to budge my boat, I pulled, stepped out, grabbed all my shit and took two steps into an eddy.

There were also some "oh shit" moments like a long hole ride above no fun falls, almost getting impaled by my buddy running after me, and finally taking the ass to rocks with no boat line over the final falls. A buzzard forwarded pics that some guy on the bank took and there were over 40 pictures of me in the hole above no fun. The "agony of defeat" caught on film...

I'm hoping for a more modest swim season next year. I guess I'm tied with Dave for the lead...

Sage words of wisdom from an unnamed boater who swam on bailey...
Man who kayaks with no boat has purple ass next day

By far the best swim story on the entire thread so far is Gary, pants around ankles after swimming rigo. Hilarious!
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#1: Pinned in some class 3 mank in the 1st 1/4 mile of the Piedra this year and swam. (wasn't paying attention)

#2: Dislocated shoulder on 3rd gorge of Lime (Cascade) which resulted in a swim and a really shitty hike out.
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I am at three with only one being really bad.

1st: was at the eddy rock above lower narrows. That thing would not let me out. Stood up in the eddy and then watched as my boat went by and lunged for it. That brought me out of the safe pool of pee and into the current, but I got out right before the entrance move. Lame

2nd: The Slate. Should have just got out but it was a new run for me and my buddies so I kept going, squeezing around trees. i then look up and see the big ol' pile of strainers 15ft away. As I am staring with my mouth open a ripple in the water grabs me and I am pinned on and underwater tree. I pull and thank god cause other wise I would have floated into that f in beaver damn and probably died. Lame

3rd: Hole above Whiteline. After having some shitty ass lines in Supercollider all week I decided to clean up. that didn't happen and as I was coming up to Whiteline I still felt good, but apparently not good enough. Was stuck in the hole above whiteline for a while I finally pulled as I was running out of breath. Came up just in time to know I was going over Whiteline. Curled up and flushed right away deep. Ended up getting pushed against a wall on the left and was sucked down. Had to climb back up the wall. Thank Buddha it wasn't undercut. Everyone I have talked to says they have never seen anyone swim over Whiteline, so I guess I am trend stter. Not Lame
970-217-21 six six
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Did not have a swim this year but thanks for the green nomad Gary and starting this post.
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5 swims this year. #1 and #2 on Bear creek around 300ish, very bad day. #3 on the pueblo right above Timmy's. #4 the next day on the upper box. Considered retiring. #5 on black rock backwashed in Bill's. Good fun!
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Didn't run many harder runs this year mostly easy stuff,made some good progress on my hardshell boating but my duckying went downhill,managed a few swims.The first run of the year we go to Waterton at 600 in early March,kinda cold out so we prety much bombed down it caught a few eddies ,not much playing just happy to be getting out early.Ran all the good stuff no prob,get to literally the last foot of the rapids and flip ,basically because no brace whatsoever i self rescued fast enough that i wouldn't consider it a swim except my paddle got away from me and went underneath an ice cliff undercut.Luckily Jason was able to fish it out,so made it 99.9999 percent of the way and almost lose a paddle.
Had a super f#%'d day on Lawson /Dumont at fairly low water,done the run many times only remember swimming once at a decent level a long time ago,anyway I was flippin'left and right on easy stuff like 3 times in 200 yds. i self rescued well but lost my paddle once = swim,flipped again,get to Outer Limits where I've never had a problem ,flip!I self rescue but it takes too long and get dragged at high speed over a bunch of bony shiat,so 2 swims on Dumont, one right in front of a camera man for the raft company's.A few years back I was coming off a series of good runs,on what for me is harder stuff Bailey,Lefthand,the class 4 runs on Clear Creek at good flows,etc. somehow I end up on Brown's at 1300,I am thinkin'to myself ' this is kinda'gay" I bomb down Zoom Flume,for some reason I'm way over on the left and slam into some FU rock jutting out from the base of the wall get trashed,I think I SR'D well but it was to dumb not to call a swim,again in front of some damn photagrapher,so I AM BLAMING TWO ON photagraghers.

3 other close calls.I went to Honduras in 99 for 3 days on the Cangrejal ,tried a Perception Torrent ww sit on top,thought I liked it until I flipped the thing repeatedely in a section full of undercuts.some rapid called the Laberynth i didn't even try to self rescue i just bailed for shore swam into an undercut. I t was just like that story by Jed Selby in the new book,everything went into suspended animation/slow motion was thinking about all kinds of shit while i was pinned conforming to the shape of the rock with no apparent egress when I 'realized 'hey you better pull yuor head out of your ass and get out of here,i went down[ the only possible direction} saw some light between some boulders and busted for the surface,the guide Karl was yelling for me and i swam aways down and wrapped myself on his stern,the only time I 've ever had my person saved.thier season hadn't even started yet and they almost lost a client!The Torrent washed out of the undercut and got pinned in another undercut,Karl was responsible for the boat so after I caught my breath he had me stationed with a throw bag while he walked back up and swam the rapid staying in the main channel past a bunch of undercuts at the last second breaking for the one with the boat grabbed it and pryed it off pushing off the rock with his legs like some superhuman aquatic monkey boy on steroids,very impressive!!!

The second, after first D ing the spec fíng tacular lower Privassion Crk./ lwr. Rio ON in Belize,we get to the Macal Gorge I start screwing up n boogie water and get conservative portage stuff I WISH i'd run,it was arace to get to the takeout before dark[ to avoid sleeping in the jungle in a hefty bag] we approach Vaca Falls4+ line on the left,VI on the right picture ADRENALINE FALLS with a nasty rock sticking out half way down and instead of a pool at the bottom a violent sluice 25 yds. long with the rest of the river pouring off a 4/5 ft ledge perpendicular to the sluice at the end. The portage eddy /must make eddy is on theright 5 or ten feet from the lip ,I SWAM INTO IT!
3 rd dump trucked into the sweet spot of HOLLYWOOD ,SLAMMED AND DRAGGED ON THE BOTTOM FOR 50 YDS? freakin'scary and plenty embarrassing!


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