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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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just one for me out of Dead Hiker and you all got my intimate perspective on that first hand. my excuse is that i followed behind Dave Frank (Senior Captain of all Who Swims) without scouting to make sure he made it out first. his big ass boat makes for a terrible floating undercut.

now that we're all waxing poetic... i want to hear all the stories of chasing boats and rescuing pinned boats. i had my fare share of boat extractions this year. the most exciting for me was chasing Captain Frank's boat from 4 Falls to Super Max. good damn that boat is heavy... i tethered onto it and got it out at the portage eddy above Super Max with Jason's help. i almost blew a tube paddling for that eddy. -t

"I would drag my balls across broken glass just to hear her fart into a walkie talkie" -Jay Drury
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I have to look back to April of '06 for my last. Whiteline at 1'- something following movie night and many, many drinks at BOC. A six a.m wake up call had me paddling w/ ES and NH. I missed the boof. NH followed and landed on my head. I maytagged for a while longer, swam into the eddy river left and promptly crapped my pants and puked all over the place. Tasty.

I will destroy you.
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I finally had my first flip at Sock-it-to-Me on Westwater back in April. Its the rapid I always warn folks about and it got me when I was taking a different line through it than my usual right side run. Knowing that I was with a rock-solid crew I tried running on the left side of the wave, & got surfed over into it where I did a nice corkscrew.

The only thing I lost was my Bama ballcap, a disposable water bottle or two & one of the oarlocks got bent when the boat was spinning off the magnetic wall - pretty good for a fully rigged raft.


Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Geologist, Colorado
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Luckily I haven't swam in ~10 fact I haven't swam in colorado and have lived here 7 years. Anyway, enough ringing my own stupid bell....last time I swam i got stuck in Woodall Shoals on the Chattooga (famous for killing swimmers). I was in there for quite some time and kept rolling up and recirq-ing until i found myself deep down in the meat. I couldn't get out and was running out of energy....swam and my boat and I were both recirq-ing over and over....found myself suspended under the undercut rock ceiling, underwater with my head lower than my body...grabbed rock, pulled myself into the cave and pushed down, balled up and prayed. Flushed along the river bottom and came out only to be heading toward another undercut and got hit with a throw bag. Layed out on the rock for 15 mins to catch my breath and waited for my boat to flush out....I side-surfed that hole so hard that I ripped the cock-pit clean off the plastic on the sides of my RPM. Quit kayaking for 6 months.
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I'm clean this season. A few beatings, but I'm mostly just way overdue to get throttled. You can expect a story the next time I do. In the meantime I'll pick on Fred.

Front Range Fred has been having a banner year. I think he's at 5, but the first two were stupid, step out of your boat type things.

The third was classic. Just Fred and I putting on to USB at 5:30 pm at 600 cfs. We portage the new log below Gash, and as I'm getting in Fred mentions something about scouting Lumberyard. I'm thinking that's a stupid idea because I've never scouted it before. I didn't even know the name until after this day. I tell him I'm just going to eddy hop down.

So I'm rolling up to the lip and can't see anything and it looks kinda big, so I catch the eddy at the lip on the left, which is big enough for 1/2 a boat. I look back to see Fred right behind me and eddyless. He yells to me, "You Fucker!" and charges full speed into the lip. He proceeded to get throttled in the ledge hole, which is backed up by bedrock. With his head submerged, the hole would put him in a back-ender splat at the back of the hole, and the boat would inch up and then slowly fall back into the trough for a continued beating. I don't think his head reached the surface through three sets of ends. It was his first day in his Burn, and it pinned under a log, on the upstream side of a rock in the center of the river. An hour later the two of us are standing on it to pop it back into shape in a rain storm.

We portaged every rapid below that, and the in-between stuff was some of the biggest whitewater I ran this year. The stuff from LZ to RIMBY was insane. Would have been great, but the new wood put a damper on things.


He had another on Harmon, which I heard was horrible, but didn't witness. I think it was the worst. Very ligit as well.

His most recent was Tunnel at 2700. The move itself is actually really easy, but he tried to get fancy and cut it tight. I didn't see much of it, even though I was right behind him, but here's why it's worth mentioning.

In the time that it took for me to catch one extra eddy (river left, at the lip), he managed to swim and then self-rescue himself and his boat in the first river left eddy. As I paddled into the runout pool I look over to see him on shore dragging his boat over. I didn't even believe that he swam until he signaled to look for his paddle. In all my years of paddling I've never witnessed a more impressive self-rescue. I waived the booty beer, but he still had to by me ice cream.

Things I love about paddling? Watching your favorite paddling partners get beat down.
Kyle McCutchen
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Golden, Colorado
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Haven't had major kayak carnage in 2 years. Just a class II broken paddle / log swim in Bailey last year. Last major episode was in Rigo at about 650 cfs, when I completely blew the line. I went for the far left slot entrance, only to spin on a simple eddyline like a newbie and enter backwards. I get'er turned around only in time to drop into the meat slide like a no momentum sack of shit against the left wall. Flip, upside through the rest of it, get stopped in the bottom hole, worked for a little bit, but bail pretty quicky as its been awhile since I the world above water. I get rescued via throwbag right way, but my creeker yard saled for a 1/2 mile and hasn't looked quite the same ever since.

Last fall though, I took up rowing gearboats as an additional hobbie and have already racked up some good carnage. Hit Cataract in October at an amazing 20000-30000 cfs. I rowed the top (crux) of Big Drop II just fine, only to get out in the middle of the river with the perfect mid-afternoon sun-glare on the water so you couldn't read water any more than 10 ft in front of the boat. Somewhere down there was a frickin massive pourover that had my 12' boat's name on it. No one saw my mishap as they were already scouting Big Drop III but it must have been entertaining as I remember high-siding and being completely underwater at the sametime. I knew it was futile at the time but thats what you're supposed to do. A few seconds later it flipped and I didn't really feel like swiming #3 without no clue as to the line, so I hightailed it to shore. Boat soloed upsidedown through 3 more rapids before it caught and eddy and washed up on shore.

That one still stings. Fuckin sun! There were big green tongues on either side of that damn pourover and I just couldn't see'em.
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Boulder, Colorado
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Thanks for this opportunity, Gar. I've been looking for the right venue to share my swimming prowess. As Trevor hinted at, '07 has been a tough year for "Captain Frank". I believe I am significalntly ahead of FRF. I will speak of the highlinght, but the total number, however will remain undisclosed.

For the first time in a long time I get to claim two days as double headers.

early season Bear ck run, I landed no fun sideways, and was stuck sidesurfing the hole on my "bad shoulder". with no effort at escape, I pulled to limit further shoulder injury. 100% self rescue, no problem. Continuing on just fine, eddy scouting the lip at Lair of the Bear, my paddle was "stolen", by the not so low hanging tree branch at the lip of the drop. Flushed over upsidedown and paddleless. Pulled immediately. Thanks to JR for chasing the somewhat beaten hercules to the takeout.

The next double header has been witnessed by many on the you tube source clip that featured 7 swims. I almost excaped recognition, by wearing a borrowed, red dry top.

first swim was gettinmg flipped in fast, shallow (what else is there) class II. Should have been able to get up, but I really don't like being raked over the coals, which I did mostly avoid, by pulling quickly. Back on the creek, after unpinning several other boats, we find ourselves eddied out in the Z turn, right above the crux, at dead hiker. Trevor and I usually communicate well on the river. With a quick exchange of head nods, we both peeled out from opposite sides of the river, at the same moment, with me leading, due to position in the current. In an effort to increase our distance, I charged hard, hit the gaurd rocks on the right, and was fed down the skewed fall line into the left lide of the lip and into the hole, where I sidesurfed and tried to dig out, while waiting for the inevitable crash from Trevor's incoming Salto. I pulled right before he got there and watched my boat head right back into the pourover. TRevor dropped in under my boat and came shooting back out the other side in a verticle backender. I suspect his head hit my boat as he re-surfaced, which completed his back flip and left him in the hole, while my boat flushed out, with me following on my ass in 6 inches of fast water, where I got a well thrown rope from a spectator, who suspected more carnage might ensue. Second swim of the day, as well as second swim out of that hole for the season. DH is a drop I 've run dozens of times since the first D in '99 with no previous carnage. I guess my number was up.

Trevor mentioned the most recent one where he got to chase my boat from 4 falls all the way to supermax. I reccomend this stretch to be paddled, not hiked.

I think there ws one more, but it must have been extra dumb, because I can't remember where it was. Oh yeah, the right wall below elbow falls at 1000 cfs. There you are, I believe I am in the lead with SEVEN.

Thanks, GAR!

(seven two 0)-298-2242
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I have not swum this season as of yet and am proud as I have been in some big holes.... But this makes me think of my "favorite" swims. ..

Escalante in Waterslide: Read too much in the book about it and as I entered the drop at high water I knew there was a bad hole on the right side. Sure enough I was looking for it and where do you think I went...

Gilman gorge in slurry pipe: Ouch I know... Again I think I scouted the huge hole in the entrance for too long knowing I did not want to go there. Sure enough went straight into it. Did some fancy cartwheels for a while, got out, went into the next hole for a joyride again, made it upright just before the ledgedrop which I went over right side up. Still trying to get my composure flipped again and soon found myself scraping my helmet on rocks and figured I would bail before getting knocked out. I was a bit dizzy afterwards for my hike out.

And my dumbest swim on Clear Creek of the Ark: Just after the crux boof which I cleaned I decided to catch a non-eddy which I thought was an eddy, got sucked out the back of it and under an undercut pinning me, did a backwards flip out of my boat and made it to shore.

Lessons learned- look where you want to go, not where you don't! And make sure the eddy is a good eddy!
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I am at 4 this year. Probably the most I have had in a single year after the "formative years".

The Source was an experience of back deck face riding (thank god for the full face!). Also a nice hole ride in the 2nd hole above no fun was quite an experience. That is the one and only full on hole ride I have had so far this season. I flat out was exhausted and there was no way I was going to swim over the falls. Needed some strength to aquaman it to shore, which I did only after an awesome body roll over the shoulder of rocks just above and to the left of the last hole before the falls. Ended up floating in the shallow eddie with pretty sore ribs. Classic.

OH, it's actually 5! I forgot about the last one. I have to call it a swim, because I did get out of my boat, but was literally pinned in class II water on the last section to the takeout of the Big South. Lame, but couldn't get off this sidepin and after taking one hand off the paddle to work off the rock and then getting throttled upside down was a lame excuse, but a swim nonetheless.

Been a good year for swims for most paddlers I talk too. I hope next year I have secured enough swimming credits to make it through with out a swim...

I think the only year I haven't swam was two seasons ago.

Livingston... I am totally down for a Gauley Showdown. I owe it, and will pony up.
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body. But rather...To skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW !!!! What a ride!!!!!!"
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I was at a bar with my wife on a Friday night and said "I've seen so many people swim this year, WTF? I haven't pulled the skirt in 9 years!" I don't say shit like that anymore...

The next day I let my guard down a little early in Supermax. After some "old school playboating" in the bottom hole I pulled. Luckily the swim was painless and I retrieved all my gear. At least my ego is now back in check.

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