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The creeks around both Grand Lake and Estes Lake has potential as well. Along with the creeks that come off of all side of Longs peak. The area is part of Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is legal to kayak there, but not cut wood. So lots of stealth, z-drags, and portaging. The west side of the park is better, the upper most of the Colorado R looks good, but a lot of wood. Working w/ the park to determine if any wood could be cut if we are away from tourists.

- some of the creeks on the west side of kebler pass are in the III-IV range

-always urban yaking with stealth missions on the canals in the western areas, some drops, chutes, dams, slides,

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got a long one here-

those pics of wolf creek and nf snake are sick! those would probably both go id imagine. Did anyone look at Middle East Inlet? holy crap.

what kebler pass area drainages are you looking at?

Upper Ruby Fork from Lake Irwin to Horse Ranch Park contains one small but really in your face gorge that is V+-VI a lot of the time due to lack of eddies, lots of wood, and a high potential for carnage. I dont think Snowshoe Canyon has enough flow, but there is one run ive been looking at for a while: Coal Creek. It comes in to NF Gunny right at Crystal Meadows C.G. Muddy Creek has a small but geologically active gorge about two miles up from Paonia Res that could be run with high flow. Theres potential on the West Fork too. Hubbard, Terror, and LeRoux all go; im pretty sure Tom Chamberlin is the guy to talk to for those runs. What else are you looking at in the area?

i bought a map a while ago and went crazy on some research on some runs in the South South Central mtns. This is what i came up with.

Rio Blanco- good flow, wood may be issue.
Upper- Summit Creek area to either Blanco R. Rd OR Trail 573....207 fpm gradient
Lower- 657 Rd to Blanco River C.G.- 124 fpm

Rito Blanco- 735 Rd to either A) Nipple Mtn Rd or B) Blanco Basin Road- 254 fpm.

Navajor River Area--

Little Navajo River- Leche Creek Tr to US 84- 296 fpm

Navajo River- Augustora Creek to Fall Creek. This section has one falls of some significance called "Bridal Veil Falls"- i came up with a gradient of 825 fpm for this section but i could be wrong. Access would be a bitch on this one. The Tierra Amarilla land grant is one the east bank, and although its forest service land on the west bank, the only access road into this valley is gated. Getting to this would require a hike in, and either a boat out or a hike out through potentially illegal land.

East Fork Navajo River- "Vampire Valley" holds at least two sizable falls. This would be a hike in. 533 fpm.

Conejos River Area-

Adams Fork- Haskell Rincon to 245 Rd- flow may be an issue. 215 fpm

Middle Fork- One falls of medium size. No other info.

El Rito Azul- Small park at 10,800 behind the mountain to 3 forks- this looks like a promising box canyon. 509 fpm. The geology and topography would support it and theres potentially enough flow. This run is right at the same elevation as Treasure Canyon.

Saddle Creek- anywhere that has flows works to put in, down to the Conejos. 609 fpm.

Soth Fork- To the Conejos. Looks good. 224 fpm with a large drainage basin.

Elk Creek- Someone mentioned this i think. Theres two interesting sections, an Upper from 2nd Meadows to 1st Meadows, and the Lower from 1st Meadows to Elk Creek TH. Upper is 166 fpm, Lower is 267 fpm. This would take a rugged hike in.

other runs in the area....

Archuleta Creek- someone mentioned this before, i think it could go.

Rio Chama- Above the corral there is a small but promising looking canyon from the Forks (E and W coming together) to the corral put in for the lower run. 171 fpm.

Rio De Los Pinos- From Trujilo Meadows to CO 17. Small. 228 fpm.

Alamosa River- Most of this run would be fun if it werent for Summitville. If you down with that sort of thing, then the 'Mosa has a few good runs on it. The Wightman Fork would too if it didnt come out of the Super-fun site.

Beaver Creek- someone mentioned this too- From the res to the RIo G looks good, and from Upper Meadows to Little Beaver Creek looks like a short but intense gorge. Upper is 351 fpm, Lower is 210 fpm.

Quartz Creek on the E Fork of the San Juan- from Quartz Creek TH to the E Fork looks good. 252 fpm.

Park Creek, Pass Creek, Goose Creek, Alder Creek, and West Fork of Pinos Creek all still interest me in that area. I am going to look for pics or info on any of these today, so if i find out i will post.

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placerville, Colorado
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we ran the muddy into paonia res. from about 3 miles up about 5 years ago at good flow. very fast and fun. mid east inlet! who's 1st?
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Mountains on the river!!!, Idaho
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yeti- coal creek is the one that ive been looking at the most, thinking of heading there in the next few weeks to clear some wood. I talked to both Berry Chamberlin and Donnie Smith, neither of them have run it. Muddy and West fork were the others.
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steven- i always drove past that and thought it was runnable....was it manky at all? and is there an eddy above the death strainer bridge?

and ski_kayak- ive always looked at coal creek on a map and thought it was runnable....is there anything higher up? the ruby fork drops through similar elevation and geology, i wonder if theres maybe some ruby fork style stuff upstream? what would be the best put in and takeout for the section youre talking about? have you also seen the M-Wave area canal? If youre into shit, then you might dig that. theres some steeeep slides and some long flumes, as well as man made waterfalls. the foam piles on a couple are big and the hydraulics there scare me but you might be able to just boof the whole thing. i dunno.

the west fork of muddy would need to be cranking to have good flow. it gets diverted higher up and the drainage basin isnt that high in elevation. So youd have to catch it early spring on a good snow year. but i think it could go. ive also had an eye on another couple of grand mesa area creeks too. Big Creek drops off the N side from Bonham Res, and it looks like it might go, but it could also be a wooooody nightmare too. Divide Creek drains the extreme northeast part of the grand mesa massif, and it has enough flow to make something happen higher up, above the numerous ditches and such south of silt. ive never been up that creek so i dont know.
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Hi everyone, a little more info:

Here are photos of the North Fork Snake near A-Basin, taken on June 2 2001. I'd have to look at the gauge archives, but these were taken around the peak runoff that year:


If you just visit the gorge, access is really easy. Park in the turnout just down the hill from mile marker 221. It's the first pullout that doesn't have tow-away warnings. It is all of a 30 second hike to the head of the gorge. From there, we go down the gorge to the bottom of snake river falls. It is a 5 minute hike back to the car from this point. We use it for techinical canyoneering workshops, being so short and accessable, so we run laps on it to fill the day. Assuming the stuff below the gorge wasn't interesting, and assuming you could run the gorge, you could do the same.

Here are more photos from Middle East Inlet:


They were taken on July 1, 2001, probably a few weeks after the runoff peak. I don't remember seeing a lot of wood in it, though my notes mentioned that I crossed the river on a fallen log at some point. I walked streamside the whole way, so if any portages are needed, they would be relatively easy. The exception is that gorge above the 3rd falls, it will take a bit of scrambling if you have to portage around it. I seem to remember that the 3rd falls pretty much lands on a barely submerged boulder, so some serious scouting would be needed. After all those drops, the river meanders through meadows for a while, so you'd have to contend with the occasional beaver dam. Then you hit Adams Falls, which is really gorge with a bunch of small falls in it, around 10ft each (give or take). The last picture on the second link is looking down the gorge. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that someone has boated it in the past. You can get to the top of Adams Falls via an easy quarter mile hike from the trailhead, though there may be some private property issues below the gorge.

If anyone goes to any of these, drop me a line, I wouldn't mind tagging along to get some photos and watch.

As for Telluride, yes, the Telluride-Silverton-Ouray-Durango area has lots of canyons. A lot have large waterfalls (50+ feet high), but unfortunately for boating, many of the landings are extremely shallow. I can dig through my notes though, if anyone is interested, I do seem to remember at least one or two canyons that have sections that would be runnable. They would entail some logistics, though, to portage around the occasional drop with shallow landings - you would probably need ropes.

I usually spend May-July scoping out creeks for canyoneering potential. I usually take tons of photos along the way, and I'm sure a few of them could be runnable for you. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to post up reports here for any creeks I find that have potential.
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Mountains on the river!!!, Idaho
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Ill be working on the east side of the Rocky Mtn park next summer, but ill be looking at that section for sure. I'd be up to running the upper section, the lower maybe a bit out of my range. If anyone is interested next Juneish, I can get you into the park for free as well.

as for coal creek-- I havent been up there for about a year. I dont really remember a whole lot of the creek, other than the lower gorge. Farther up the road it become private property though. Ive got a friend in cedarridge that has been scouting it all summer, Ill see what sections he's thinking of and give a report.
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east inlet is insane, that looks reallllly good. what is access like?

and yeah, any canyons that you think have potential, drop a line here, cuz lots of people are interested im sure.
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I have hiked up east inlet, but didn't really think it was a good candidate for creeking 'cause it is so insanely steep. I hauled out the topo software and measured the stretch they descend in the website, it drops 490' in a half mile. What film was that with the "canyaking"? That's what it would take.
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Phuoc My, Da Nang, THE 'NAM
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eh...lower yule is like 800 fpm, 490 is like NF Crystal.....i bet someone will do it. that section is too good for someone not to run it. Same with NF Snake.

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