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Now I want to try it. donor boat?

Had a frind's Lynx blow a sewn seam on Hells Canyon last week. Aire put two new boat panels in for $250 (WAY out of warranty). Can't argue with that....

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I am always suspicious when someone offers a substitute for real food and says, “It tastes just like” so-and-so. It all started back when margarine manufacturers claimed that their yellow-tinted Crisco tasted just like “the high priced spread,” meaning butter. But actually, it tasted like Crisco. Do they think we have no taste buds?

During a Rogue trip, one member of our party, who was a vegetarian, offered me a sample of his specially prepared tofu, with the assurance that it tastes “just like bacon.” This was intended to cause me to see the light and convert to vegetarianism. Well the tofu did taste just like bacon, in the same sense that a strip of wet cereal box cardboard tastes just like bacon. But of course, he’d have never conned me into trying it if he had told me that it tastes just like a wet cereal box.

These days, I take no chances. If I want something that tastes “just like bacon,” I fry up some bacon. And I don’t eat snakes that “taste just like chicken,” either.

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My summer break in 2011 started with a Desolation and Gray Canyon’s 6 day (planned to be 7 days) raft trip. The first couple of days were great weather and despite it being mid-May we were jumping in the river enjoying the heat. On day three the weather started going south on us. The clouds rolled in and some light drizzle appeared in the sky. However, when we got to our layover camp, Flat Canyon (mile 62., it was sunny and we were able to setup a dry camp. Then it got WINDY. I have never experienced such bad wind in my life. It was hard and constant for the entire time we were there. At one point, I refused to get out of my tent because I was tired of the wind.

The rest of the trip on the river had crummy weather but not as windy. We decided to skip our second layover day and takeout early since the weather wasn’t spectacular. When we got to the takeout one of the trailer tires was loose and had almost rubbed through the lug. We took the trailer into Green River, UT (12 miles) and got new lugs put on. Levi and I returned with a functional trailer and we rigged everything and were about to leave when another group showed up to the ramp.

This group came in joking around and looked like an absolute shit-show. About 10-15 minutes later the other half of their trip came in and were less jovial and appeared to be shaken up. I watched them carry a passenger off the raft like you would a handicap person. Being a guide I’ve taken people down the river who needed assistance, so at first I wasn’t concerned. Either something was said or caught my eye that something wasn’t right. I had completed my Wilderness First Responder training in January and spoke up. I used the, “Hello, I’m WFR certified do you guys need medical assistance?” They said they did and explained what happened. The woman had fallen or been knocked out of the raft and they believed hit her head on a rock. I immediately stabilized her spine (to prevent any further possible spinal damage) and lowered her to the ground and began my assessment. The patient started off responding and quickly wasn’t even responding to sounds. Big problem!

I had a buddy call the ambulance all while the other group leader was questioning if a ambulance was necessary. While this was going on I started to prepare her to be moved so we could expedite her time to the clinic then hospital. Green River is a small town of only about 750 people so their facilities aren’t exactly setup for more than a simple fracture. We used a NRS camp counter as a backboard, a PFD as a neck collar and all the straps we could find to stabilize her. Then she was loaded into the back of a large van (seats were removed) and we started back to the clinic in hopes of meeting the ambulance. Legally I had to stay with her until higher care was obtained but would have even if not required by law.

Just after we started driving the patient started to seize. Then about one third of the way a black Mazda with its hazards on blew past us. Next we then saw a black Ford Explorer coming at us with its hazards on and flagged it down. The cars ended up being volunteer EMTs who heard the call on the radio and knew they could beat the ambulance. At first the EMT was upset we had moved her but then eased when she saw the backboard and that I was WFR certified.

The first EMTs called dispatch and told them to have an IV ready and get Flight-for-Life on its way. When the ambulance arrived they loaded her into the back (still on the NRS counter). I then drove one of the EMTs cars to the clinic and waited. The my other group members went to eat and I stayed.

The trip that pulled in was a rehab facility group of young (18-25) adults. They were doing their second day of two on the daily section (about 12 miles long). They hit Swazey Rapid and lost over half the passengers on the patients raft. Which was surprising because I thought we could hit any rapid on that section sideways without any issues. It turns out that only one member of the group had any river experience and it was as a passenger (rehabbing) over ten years ago. He was ‘guiding’ the other raft.

I spoke to a couple of the rehabers and their councilor while we waited. They were mainly from various places in Utah with a couple of out of state. I did my best to recommend that they never try this again without a guide and the councilors should have medical training over basic first-aid and not be a jerk about it. I don’t think they really got the message. During this time we were informed that the patient had become responsive and was able to move all her extremities (not paralyzed). They then put her in a drug induced coma in preparation for the helicopter ride.

After about forty-five minutes the Flight-for-Life helicopter arrived and she was taken to Grand Junction for more advanced care. I collected all of our gear, said goodbye to the rehab group and got the facilities information. As we were leaving the doctors came out and congratulated me on doing a good job. They had one critique, don’t be hesitant to cut off clothes. The patient was hypothermic and just adding clothes on top without removing her wet ones wasn’t enough.

I waited a few days and sent them an email about the patients condition. All I got in response was, “This is ______ the clinical director at steps recovery center. _______ is doing well. Her cat scan and mri were both negative. She has neck pain still but is doing well. I was talking to ______ about being 1st responder certified. Any suggestions?” I told him how I received my certification and never heard anything again.
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Mogur i don't know what text you use but it's always blank on my iphone (white screen)
I am a river, babe - I've got plenty of time, I don't know where I'm going, I'm just following the lines..... - "We are water" by Shaye
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Originally Posted by lhowemt View Post
Mogur i don't know what text you use but it's always blank on my iphone (white screen)
Very strange. This happens when I copy the text from a MS Word document and paste it into the edit panel here. It initially comes up black, which is impossible to read against the dark blue background, so I go back to edit and make it white. On your white screen, the white type doesn't show. I was not aware that the iphone display would be different from the on-line display. Maybe someone knows how to make the text visible both ways.
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Just remove text color formatting.
The sunshine walked beside her
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We did a Deerlodge to Hite trip, and had good friends who were willing to pick us up at the end of our 450 mile epic, so we didn't have to run a stupid-long shuttle. Since they were doing us a huge favor, I wanted to make sure we were there on time, so we planned on arriving the afternoon the day before we were to meet them. Well, they thought the same thing, so that afternoon that they arrived, we floated under the bridge, and apparently they had seen us float beneath them. Somehow, and quite unfortunately, they didn't recognize the boat. So, we arrive at the Dirty Devil takeout, and I mosey up a little ways, and don't see them. No biggie- I wasn't expecting them til morning. So we cook dinner on the ramp, and camp right down there by the boat. Next morning, we get up, and assumed that they were on their way in from CO, and when they got there would drive straight down to the beach, so we wait, and wait, and wait. All the while, they assumed that when we got there, we'd walk up to the parking lot. Around lunch time (about the same time we ran out of beer) I decided to go walk up to the airstrip on top of the hill to see if I can get any service there. Lo and behold, the shuttle team's lounging in the parking lot, wondering why the hell we're half a day late. You can imagine the consternation on both sides of this waiting game. And to think, all I'd have had to do was walk another 30 yards to have found them the day before. . .
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Dipshit with the most.
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My first Middle Fork trip. Very overloaded 16 foot bucket boat that I managed to get down to below Pistol without calamity. Came to a little split in the river that everyone went right. I decided ( now that I was an awesome boatman) to go left.

Which was fine except that there was a log, about 6 inches in diameter, all the way across the river horizontally about two and a half feet off the water. It would clear the bow but not the massive gear pile behind me. I had my passenger duck and I decided that I could push the log up over the gear pile under the net in back with my feet as it went over the row compartment.

Well it did. Kind of. Only the log slipped in between my legs and took me with it up and over the back of the gear. I managed to grab on to the netting before it dropped me in the river. But I was dragging my knees on the bottom of the river, one sandal ripped off and thoroughly banged up. One of my more epic fails. Didn't involve poop either.
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Years ago I had just bought a new tandem ducky and wanted to do an easy scenic float that included just a couple small class II-III rapids in the upper reaches of a river that I was familiar with. A longtime friend of mine, however not much of an outdoorsman, kept asking me to take him on this beautiful float, so I agreed.

After an absolutely brutal drive setting the shuttle, we get to the put-in and I go through a thorough safety briefing. Then we get into the pool at the put-in and I show him basic paddle strokes and we practice some maneuvering/ferrying and other basic skills/tools he may or may not need for our 15 mile remote run.

An hour later we set out. Well not far into the run I begin to realize he has no natural instinct on the water….in fact he seems a little freaked out by moving water. As I shout commands to paddle, stop, back paddle etc, he is just not responding to me at all. Everytime there was a little hydraulic that needs punched or rapid we needed momentum for he would freak out and just hold his paddle up over his head! Considering he is so uncomfortable I take it slow and pull over here and there to make sure he is enjoying everything.

We round a corner that reveals a spectacular sheer bluestone cliff (Hence the river’s name “Bluestone”) that signals the beginning of “The Gorge” and we are just kinda floating along taking in the gorgeous scenery (I admit I got distracted). The main flow of the water ran over a small bolder drop beside another large dry bolder so we followed it. As soon as we came over this, the biggest rapid of the run, I saw a new fallen tree whose view was obstructed by the dry bolder…and the flow was going right into it. I quickly lined the boat up for a backwards ferry to the river right and yelled “BACK PADDLE HARD” just as we practiced at the top of the pool 1 mile upstream.

So, what did he do? HE THREW HIS PADDLE AWAY!

He weighs a lot more than I and I just could not fight the flow with all our weight in the boat by myself, we were going into the strainer. The main trunk of the tree is only an inch or two above the water and we could have leaned into it to just stall on the trunk and then push back off of it. We had also practiced leaning downriver into midstream boulders during our practice session, So I told him “Lean into it!” as we approached.

So what did he do? He immediately jumped out on the upstream side of the boat to scramble to shore, dumping me and the boat under the strainer!!

I hung on for dear life while being swept under the tree…boat is pinned under it, water is 47 deg at best. I finally shimmied up the tree trunk to shore with paddle in hand. After sliding up and down the tree several times trying to unpin the boat, I finally started taking the bags and everything I could off/out of the hull to reduce drag. I was going to deflate it and unwrap it from the limbs. I had the rope tied to a stump, then around a tree and then in my hand when I had him do the final unwrap. The boat went free…then ripped that stump out of the ground, I tried to hold on in vain until I had to let go or be dragged in.

I lost the brand new ducky on a river I have canoed before. It was only a 1 mile mile hike back to the car, but if we had dumped literally 3 feet farther downriver (or missed the catching the strainer) we would have entered that gorge and had a 14 mile hike out on the wrong side of the river with no trail. It was humbling, embarrassing and I learned a lot that day.

Wow that was long….sorry about that!
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How does "no one runs the next rapid until we all scout and evaluate as a group" sometimes turn into a five duckies in a blender yard sale? That's how it typically goes for me.

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