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Lyons, Colorado
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End of the season 07

Wow......another great one. Quite different however. Big surprise it all started at Gore in late March With Ken O. We got super lucky. The ice had all melted (I think Solomon and Hobie confirmed that for us) and the sun was hot. Brand new Rocker. What a different boat from the previous one. Kinda shaky,,,,,,,, new boat and first day of the season. Got down to tunnel. "hey I might walk this one".......Then, as I'm sitting in the eddy all I can hear is Jen saying "you know, if you think about about it, that's just a class three move" Enough said. Harry Ferry into eddy then into the slot. Great day Ken
Then there was the the low water royal gorge run. What a great crew. Mariah was WASTED!!! HAHAHAH.
Poudre Narrows....Beer at the takeout from the New Belgium guys "thank you" were right. It actually takes me 45 minutes to get to the narrows and thats if I'm hauling ass.

LOG was sick. What a great time and what a huge effort on many fronts by many people.......

SSV. This was the bread and butter of my season. I wore this run out. Scott. Muchas Gracias. I have found my new favorite run. I am amazed how many quality drops are on this run and how few people have actually enjoyed them. Arn took me down the Upper?? SSV run. HIGH quality as well.

Then the O-hole was finally happening. I was dialing that thing in. so close to nailing my AIR loops. That's right bitches I said AIR LOOPS!! Then I broke my rib on Lower clear creek. That was ridiculous. I wish I could tell you all some spectacular story of how it happened but I think I should just drink more milk

6 weeks off "Bummer"
1st week back was Gore race weekend. Which I won. Thank you thank you. By the way way. Where the hell is my free Dagger Boat Hobie?? Doesn't the winner of the Gore race get a DAGGER??

More O-hole. Yep, when you all were asking if it was flowing I was in it playing. Much better than last year. When are we gonna get a gauge for that hole??

More Gore
Then off to the Yough and Gauley
I'm the BIRD MAN I'm the F*ckin BIRD MAN.
I saw some ridiculous swims on the Yough. Yes, from the Colorado Crew. I won't name names........make some guesses and I may tell. I saw some even more ridiculous T-rescues. I also saw the love of kayaking illustrated in the form of a fiberglass pogie. Then I saw Pillow ROCK. You know there are a lot of pussies out there. A lot of people that talk big about how they're gonna splat pillow BLAH BLAH BLAH!
That's right byatches. I brought it home East coast style with a little Colorado attitude. SPLATTED THAT BYATCH!!! and a paddle twirl at the end.

Then, as always, I gotta keep it real. Gore to carry me into the ski season. Nice and windy, overcast, all the signs that things are winding down. No meat for me at Gore (Don't talk shit byatches) but Had the smoothest boof off the sneak right into the exit. Left of decision (as if there is any other route). Styled the pyrite BOOF. KABOOM!!
More boofs, more laughs, more talking people into buying a drysuit. then to TUNNEL.
This time I was gonna end with the HARRY FERRY (just as it began)
"It's just a class three move"
Peeled out......sights set on the prize......until the friggin wind splashed water in my friggin eyes!!! Too bad so sad!!!! It may happen one day all you byatches but today is not the day. I stroked that shit and made the goodness happen. BOOF......KABOOM!!! THUNDER!!!
Remember to paddle strong and paddle with style. Life is good and we are so very lucky to have kayaking. We're lucky to have the crazy bastards that antagonize on this forum. We're all Blessed.

Go Dawgs!!!
Happiness is a way of travel not a destination
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Lakewood, Colorasta
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Wow was that as good for you as it was for me. Sounds like you had a great late season. Keep on truckin.

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Yeah right, the wind...

Where you just blaming the wind at Tunnel for something? Cousin Dan might just have a few words for you.
"I think I handled my alcohol pretty well considering how drunk I was." -Cousin Dan
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Durango, Colorado
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Word up Booth- epic season in every way. You know its going to be good when it starts out with Bear Creek in the March.
Scaryest experience of the season was the 45 minute Lyons-Poudre trip. Way scaryier than the Narrows. Nearly soiled the 4-Runner.
After that Bear Creek was a walk in the park...until I crashed like rag doll...along with everyone else.
FRFF stepping it up late in the season for daily Black Rock, high water Bailey, and lots of BIG SOUTH!
Then we topped it off with running over a dozen good people through Tunnel blue Angel style. Hell yeah- can't wait for next year.
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Lyons, Colorado
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How could I have left out BEAR?!?!?!?
Granted I left out quite a few things but BEAR was the BOMB!!
Go Dawgs!!!
Happiness is a way of travel not a destination
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Matt Booth,
I owe you a huge thank-you. A couple of them, actually. Most importantly, thanks for reminding me of that awful royal gorge experience... Or not. Can't believe you had to bring that up.
No, seriously, largely because of paddling with you, I love kayaking more than ever. Cheesy, I know. But I have to say it, because I SO appreciate your enthusiasm and eagerness to get out there and have fun boating. Bear was especially fun because you were so psyched on it, SSV was unreal, that first gore run blew my mind, and the upper yough was fun and painful... (thanks for watching out for me that day!) Enough said. I'll paddle with you anytime.
The other thanks is for helping with trying to fix my finger! Your efforts were far from unnoticed (even though you probably thought I was an ungrateful little brat at the time!)
Did I mention that I love kayaking? Thanks Matt
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Mad Scientist/Creeker
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You guys are talking about the Narrows like you actually ran the whole thing. Maybe you guys can get the Uppers next year . Kyle you too. 45 minutes from Lyons does sound sketchy. Like riding with Adrian or Leif's woman. Yikes! My moment was putting on the Big South at noon, not scouting and passing three or four groups of ten or more people at each of the top pool drop rapids, waving. Everybody was looking around like what the fuck are these guys doing. You guys stoke me with your um, stokedness and LOG was shweet. Next year maybe we'll be blessed with enough flow to actually hold a real race down SSV . Happy Winter Paddling!
Evan Stafford
Cub boater: "What do the spiders mean?" Old fart boater: "Trust your intuition." CRCII
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303, Colorado
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The best season for me by far!
Thanks boys for getting me out and making me step it up.

The flooding at Union Chutes in March was awesome, almost as good as CA in March.

The royal gorge/pine creek trip in April.
Booth giving me advice that stayed with me throughout the season " Pick your line, be confident, It doesn't matter what line I am taking, pick your own. Now what’s it gunna be, show me your line." Everyone wasted at an empty RubyMountain campsite. 15 good boaters paddling on 360 CFS through the gorge, that doesn't happen often.

NM, Derk and I on our epic adventure, surviving the sketchy drug deal we drove in on in the middle of know where.(I am still not so sure how we got out of there alive...or at least with Derk's pants still on (they liked him) and the car not being pushed off the cliff. The dealer game me his number, oh baby!..hehehe. Eating Jace's awesome breakfasts...I still think our water soggy, burnt, frosting covered cinnamon roll, with a side of meat lovers pizza, was a tasty pre-paddling meal even if it looked nasty. Swim #1 of the season got me on the class II paddle into the Red.

Guiding on the ark. Looping and learning a McNasty in the Salida holes with Aaron.

VIP Oscar Blues Camper during the LOG...pre-dawn wood patrol with Jack

Going from class IV- paddler that had never paddled a creek boat to running Gore, Bailey, Pine Creek, Barrel Springs, red river...and many more new sections of river in a Pink Punk, was more than I would have ever imagined doing ever let alone in one season.

T-resucing Derk at the bottom of Apple Sauce.

Paddling two new sections of class II with beginners!!!! JMack and downing a bottle of Jack to make it through...It sure was pretty, and the hot springs were awesome, or was that the Jack talking? hum...

Running Kirshbaums mostly upside down...meeting many rocks on the way, staying in my boat and rolling up at the bottom white in the face, with everyone cheering. It is more fun right side up, less scary upside down.

Ending the season on Westy in a raft R-2ing...or more like double fisting Franzia and Jim Bean while Sean guided Broken Maria and I down. Making it onto little-D and accidentally throwing and sticking a loop.

Every year gets better, I am so excited for spring paddling and meeting new people.
Thanks guys for making my summer awesome!

oh ya Maria...let me know when your finger is better, I am still down for slalom boating all winter.
"I would lick it up if it weren't all glassified and on concrete"
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Denver, Colorado
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got on some new personal firsts this year:

cross mtn, castle creek & slaughterhouse, upper A & rockwood, SF crystal, clear creek of the ark, park & hucks on lake creek

other favorites included high water bailey, cataract at around 26,000, doing my 1st loop ever, running piney & numbers almost everyday after work with great friends (usually taking out well after dark).

gauley season was sweet for guiding (i mean flipping) & kayaking with the rivers gang.
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Seattle, Washington
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I already mentioned some of my best boating days this season, so I'll use this post to mention some of the best apres boatin sessions.

Number one had to be LOG. The party bus with Christine and the rest of the Lyons crew was awesome. I never got the opportunity to use my free drink coupons at the bar. What an afternoon.

Tootin the whiskey bottle with Harlan and the Mank Crew at the Vallecito campground around a fire after smooth runs down the best mile anywhere is hard to beat.

Also up there was the Salmon bake party in Bellingham courtsey of Chris T and the PacNW boyz. We got to see the first cut of Amon's Wavesport promo video.

Booth and I had a great afternoon soak in the Penny hotsprings after getting shut down on the Gunny Gorge in early march or april.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear M. Hagadorn play the guitar around a campfire, request some Bon Jovi and 3.14 Apple Pi by Bo Burnham.

Thanks Evan for the beer on your porch after one of the most intense days I've had on the river.

Getting off Robe and heading straight to my first Widespread show was quite a trip through WA.

The Westy campfire last weekend with my little bro and the better half of the Mank Crew made the weekend.

Thanks Laney for showing me the best campsite around Gore and experimenting with my gourmet campfire cooking.

The best shuttle of the year was after Maria and I met some whiskey tootin fishermen at pumphouse and then hitched a ride in an old, beat RV with an overweight redneck hippie and his skinny wife. We got to sit at the kitchen table. Anyone need a Dagger Redline - I might still have his number somewhere.

I've always said that one of my favorite aspects of boating is the awesome community we have. What a season it's been.


Damn, I almost forgot GauleyFest. Thanks for some serious organization and motivation Marty and Booth. Gary, your foos skills are pathetic. Eric, you're starting to become one of those wimps who can only paddle one creek and complains when it drops from 216 cfs to 210cfs. Leland and Andria are married! Jen and Maria proved that they'll kick all your asses. You mean that you people didn't spat the rock or catch the room? I must say the Colorado crew did represent at the Fest.

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