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To all who knew him Max was a funny bastard that loved to entertain, especially if it came at a price. He honestly was one of the most colorful people I have ever come across and I feel privileged to have had shared a friendship with him for these past 6+ years. He shaped his life around having a good time and ensuring all around him were “enjoying the ride” (this cliché reference is just the kind of thing that Max would lay into me for, if he was around to hear it). If there was one person who made something out of every day it was Max. However, despite all of his heckling and endless antics the kid had a huge heart and he was not afraid to show how much his many friendships really meant to him.
I first met Max because I found Harry in the middle of Yampa Ave. I expected to return the lil’ guy to an overweight, middle-aged RV driver and was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by a little man with a bad attitude and a quick wit. While in Steamboat Max could be found throwing slow motion 360’s in the park (for the “Ladies”) or throwing hot dogs at some poor bastard who was unlucky enough to purchase a $75 lift ticket only to become the brunt of Max’s on-mtn. BBQ antics. Although I have never been on the river with Max there is no question the dirt bag lifestyle fit him like a glove. He was, hands down, THE MAN around a campfire, and there is nobody else I’d love to knock back beers and marshmallows with right about now. When Max finally met a creek that damaged him more than a few handmade stitches, several PBR’s (that were, hopefully, obtained for free) and a grease bomb over the campfire could not cure, he decided paragliding was the sport for him. One might think that someone who has had a brush with death would take up one of the many sports out there that are a bit less risky but that is jut not Max’s style. Even from the early stages it was clear that the prospect of flight sparked something in him that was lost when he retired his creek boats. There was not a conversation that we had over the past year that did not involve how amazing it was for him to be up in the sky. There is no doubt about it, he’s a classic that will always be remembered and loved and he died doing something that brought him great joy.
Love ya’ forever Max!
Below are some more maxisms that may bring some smiles through tears:
The Slopeside poo dollar “must be x-m ass”!
The time he hit the light post in front of the Main Dish in the Ranch van while Kim and Dave watched from the front window
His endless scams that brought him endless joy
Free beers and free concerts (if Gigante does not show up concessions may make some $$ this summer)
Missions (AKA stealing firewood)

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All I can say is that it's to bad your burning desire to disrobe the king of comedy and have your way with him never materialized. I always told him you were a nice girl and to overlook what a lousy mountain biker you were. I'm glad that even though things with max never panned out for you, you where able to find comfort in immature billy.


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I had the pleasure of knowing Max for the past four and a half years. I met him in lake tahoe, before the "halo", and spent many days riding at squaw, watching him do the ugliest 360's i've ever seen, and listening to him coax me into runs and hits that i never would have been doing. You gotta give the guy credit. He was a true die hard. Once he got it in his head to do something, he stuck it out until it was done. I never paddled with him, but did have the opportunity about a month ago to watch him soar. He loved it, and it was awesome to see the glow in his face as he looked up toward the sky. He made it from near death, only to challenge it again.
I will miss the afternoons at the Spice House in Reno, I will miss the days riding on the hill, and most importantly, i will miss the sense of humor and tales....
Until we meet again.... Cheers!
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I heard the news from a friend last night...all I can say is that I never thought Max would go out like this. What a sad day indeed.

I first met Max in Steamboat when I moved here in '99...he was a little hard to figure out at first...I remember saying "Are you for real dude?!" Well after my first Westwater trip with him, I saw the real man and let me tell you he was both a real gentleman and a pain in the ass, with a big heart. He WAS the trip... Unlike me, Max was always fearless and threw himself into the shit no matter what. Boating with the likes of Chorter and Shilo will make you step up in a hurry. The Chunderboy persona was by far the most entertaining thing here on the Buzz and I was always in amazement that people would get so angry with him...they just didn't get him.

Max, I'll miss seeing your huge smile in Gondola Square while you're hazing the tourists and your crazy stories of the latest adventures of the Chunderposse...RIP

Eric Baker
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Maxy- You are definitley a star- look at all of these posts and all of the conversations everyone had yesterday! You were one of my favorite people and I am so glad that I can say you were my best guy friend in this world, definitley like a brother and we surely fought like it sometimes. I don't know why but I always felt so protective of you- I guess after your accident. You will never know how much I will miss you and all of our times.
Our door was always open for you to stay in the 'Boat and boy did you stay. You usually ended up going out and leaving the West Highland Security Patrol at our house to rage with Nolte (as Max called my golden after some scary Nick Nolte Pic). I am so glad I can count you among my former roomates, the jars of bacon grease and overflowing recycle bin of bud! You and Erika and I at the Pearl St. house in the 'Boat, and free town concerts.I am going to miss all my trips down to Boulder to visit you and get out of town, especially the night you had that women slapping my "littlle J-Lo" booty at the bar! Classic Max! We loved that cheesy 70's light rock- "The wise man has the power baby", I will cherish that CD, thanks.
One of my favorite Max stories is the free bike story. We used to have free bright yellow town bikes in Steamboat for people to ride around bar to bar, or whenever they needed it. Max decided to go to Wally World and buy a U-lock and spray paint the lock yellow, he confiscated a town bike and would ride around to the Old El Ranch, etc. and lock up the bike outside with his matching yellow lock, definitley not the intended purpose-"free to all to ride". People would get so mad!! It was hilarious. I am so happy that I got to hang out with Max last Thursday night, another solo trip without my husband (also a great friend of Max's) to see my buddy. We grilled out and of course burned some stolen firewood in his new outside fireplace while we drank a few cocktails with stolen ice! I did not know that hug I gave you would be the last, I am going to miss you so much and next time I hesitate on my skis, bike, in the river or anywhere.. I'm going for it!....

Jared,Gigy, E, Shiloh and Little D....Max loved you guys.

I love you Maxy!! Cara
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Gary, thanks for the phone call and posting the photo.

Max was the man to tell us not to take life any more seriously than it deserves; which is way serious about the things that are truly important but not at all for so much that is superficial.
He is missed dearly.

Bill Bevins
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max (of maxandgil)

thanks to all writing in, this site is a big comfort to me and many of max's friends, and hopefully his family also, when they get the time/strength to read about max and his admirers. Bill, thanks, i say max took nothing seriously, but he definitely took the important/non-superficial stuff very seriously, hence all of us that love him (or love/hate as it occasionally was, but always love was there).
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I'll never forget an epic session with Max in Charlie's Hole. The hole was packed as usual. He had a 12 pack of Bud sitting on a rock next to the eddy. The box was pretty soaked and cans were poking out the bottom.

Max would jump in, throw a few cartwheels, blunt off the player's left corner (he was a player!), throw a huge loop, then eddy out for another can of beer. He threw the empties in his boat so they'd rattle around while he was throwing down. It was his way of making light of the whole playhole scene.

Max- never knew you closely, but your energy touched a lot of people's lives. Larger than life, brah!

"Protected by westie!"
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Max-quite the life my man. I met Max on the slopes at Steamboat. He always heckled Cara and I for riding the 4 points lift-why do you ride that slow lift that doesn't even go to the top?? It finally occurred to me to heckle him back-why do you always go hit that same jump and do that same damn backside 360?? We have been friends ever since.

Max was enthusiastic about having a good time regardless of what you were doing. Some of my best memories of Max involve shuttle rides, going to the dump, the hassling of waitresses everywhere, and making breakfast. Even a ride from the airport, which I am so glad I experienced just last week, was an adventure with Max. I loved his impatience with law enforcement and other officals, he would scowl and throw his hands up, with the "this is ridiculous" comment. Always followed by that laugh.

Max was so bent on the exhilaration of pushing your limits-he convinced people to do things they had no business doing. Of course you can run a 30 foot waterfall even though you've never been in a creekboat-you land in a pool, just swim. It made perfect sense. Serious moments were even better opportunities for antics. Like when JJ and wetdick ran the north fork, we drove down and would shoot paintballs at them as they came up to the rapids. No situation was immune.

The last time I saw Max all he could talk about was flying. It made me want to try it, mostly so I could witness him rolling up to the paragliding scene with those damn westies and budweiser spewing out the back of the Suburu. You are a legend Max, I will never have another friend like you, you will be so missed. We need to step it up and start having more fun, hasseling more cops and generally making fun of people who need a good laugh at themselves. I love you Max,e.
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Yesterday was a bit rough to say the least. Through some of the tears, though there were also some laughs. I guess this is the way it was always with you. No matter what the situation was, no matter how serious, you always managed to make us laugh. This is also true with your passing. I always enjoyed all the times I spent with you, but now realize, they were also some of the best times of my life. Its hard to believe, that we were supposed to catch up last night. You were supposed to come home early from Aspen, and you Devon and I were supposed to grab some drinks, catch up on old times and tell (or more like listen to) stories. You and a lot of the rest of us lived life on the edge at times. Although this is the case, I really didn’t see this coming. You flirted with death, and showed us your invincibility in your creek boat accident. You put so much effort into going back to school, and doing what you and a lot of us thought was a safer sport. To me it just doesn’t make much sense. The only consolation, is the fact that you were doing something you loved so much. You were definitely Devon and mines best friend in common. I really expected you to be around for a long time, and to have so many more good times and memories. Like most people I feel that we had a similar experience in meeting. The first time being about 12 years ago. I remember you were over for a session with my room mate at the time KJ. I was like who is this guy sitting on my couch, that is too cool to say what’s up. Our paths crossed many times after that, and we seemed to develop a mutual respect for each other over the years. It was my beginning days of kayaking, though, that best established our friendship. I am so thankful for the times, that you, JJ, Justin, Shiloh, Blakeslee, Gigante, and Kevin and I all spent together. Cross, OBJ, South Mineral, Lime, and Big South just to name a few. I was one of the greener more naïve boaters, and you guys were my motivation. Sometimes you even showed me how a serious drop could in fact be run upside down. Sometimes you even showed me that daylight was recommended, but not required to run OBJ. I remember Shiloh and I standing to the side one day, when he told me Max lives for this shit. A great group of people “getting it done”, camping, and causing a little trouble on the way. We both smiled as we looked over and saw you smile (a bit mischievously of course). You not only showed me how to and how not to boat, but also showed me to defend myself with a paint ball gun. Amazing what a good ambush can do. You showed me that a security guard is no threat, and if you just act casual they will go away and the wood will be yours. You gave me the confidence to run the big slide at OBJ, saying that its “cake” everyone runs it. You showed me your “infinite radness” at cross while I walked out with Jeter and my broken paddle. You and JJ showed me how to camp for free and where you can leave your trash at Big south. Most of all you showed me not to take life and people to seriously and to always give it a little extra in the name of a good time. I will miss your phone calls from places like Tahoe, when you gloat about the multiple feet of fresh. Most of all I will really miss you man. You had a lot of things figured out, but the one thing you took for granted is the effect you had on all of us. Beneath your quick wit was a sensitive down to earth guy, that cherished friendships more than most. I don’t think you ever knew how much you were appreciated and loved by all of us. You have touched the hearts of many, and I can truly say the world is a bit different without you. I really miss you buddy. I hope you are hanging out with Harry somewhere, appreciating and gloating a bit by all the posts. Rest in peace Max.

PS. Chorter. Devon says to put you spandex where your mouth is.

Peace to Max and all his friends

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