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Evan I am thinking that once I get to a destination i.e. Fort Collins or Bouder, Durango it is "fair" to get rides with the shuttle since some of the runs aren't even accessible by bike.
Your second question is the most worrisome, I am hoping Keck can just paddle all summer. Paul might bike with me for a while.

Cmon Run the big sizzy go up and run joe and spence quick and then on the way down 1/2 hour for the narrows, early start and if I don't have to wait for ten hours for you to set up your John Grace zip line we can power through the South in about 3-4 hours.

What are your plans this summer? I know the babe takes up a good portion, but you down to show me some lines?

Edit: I always got a side car for you to wrangle on in

970-217-21 six six
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I won't be kneeling sidecar. p to the k can do that. but i'd be stoked to join for one of the rides/paddles. big south for sure. but maybe something else cool in the steamboat direction as well.

Evan Stafford
Cub boater: "What do the spiders mean?" Old fart boater: "Trust your intuition." CRCII
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man I had this same idea... except I wanted to cover more terrain... and boat wayyyyy mellower water
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Cool idea. My first thought is that the general idea is doable, but it may work out better to modify your goal to something more achievable. If your goal statement is to paddle 50 different class V runs, you can easily get skunked as previously pointed out. Many of the runs you listed are elusive, may run only at peak, may not run due to dams etc, or only in a very short window.

If however you modified your goal statement to paddle 50 days of class V, bike 1000 miles while summiting 5 differernt mountain passes, or something of that sort, it would be more doable. A quick google map check of distances in a semi-random order from city to city of the main hubs you listed is about 1000 miles.

May 23 - Aug 5 gives you 75 days. If you boat 50 of them, that leaves you 25 days of biking all over the state, which seems reasonable. If its about 1000 miles, thats 40 miles a day over 25 days, which sounds doable.

If I were to try to morph this into a plan with more detail I would plan out a good bike route from town to town, try to be in each location at a relatively good time for the boating, and then boat whatever is running when you are there. If you have to hit a run two days in a row, so be it.

A couple of random thoughts...

1) Get a concrete schedule. Plan the bike route, the days of biking travel, and the days in each location. That way you can have some set times when folks in that area can hook up with you to paddle. If that one guy can't paddle all summer you will need boating partners. If you let folks know you will be in Crested Butte June 5-10, you will have a much better chance of hooking up with other folks. Hookup up with folks on the weekdays might get tough.

2) Get a crew. If you have a couple of core folks that can hang with you for a week or two, or the whole thing that would be great. Odds are you are going to be looking for folks to paddle with in each of the locations though. If you get at least one willing partner in each of the locations you head to, you will at least have shuttle and some home base help in each location.

3) Work the bike route. Check the passes, grades etc and figure out which bike path is the best. Also figure out timing on when stuff like independence pass opens, or other similar issues that might play a role. Get some help from one of the hordes of CO bikers who do stuff like ride the rockies or triple bypass (maybe you do that stuff?).

4) I'd ditch the bike trailer and hook up car support to transport gear from hub to hub. I know you think this is not manly enough for your trek, but its more practical. My gut feel is that hauling an extra 70+lbs of gear over 11,000 ft+ mountain passes will kick your ass. Also if folks tag along for the bike rides, you will be much slower than them. My take on the bike rides is plan out the different legs and try to get a couple of folks to hop on each leg with you. Might be better to have a couple extra folks with you just in case anyway.

5) Network on the buzz to gather some support. If you came up with a schedule for when you would be in each location, you could rally the buzzards in each area to go boating with you, give you a couch to crash on, or get on the next bike ride.

6) Enter the vertical challenge as part of your quest. The timing works out well and the VC suports AW and first descents. Might as well combine them.

My take on path is that you will get hosed on a couple of long rides no matter how you break it up. One potential path to get it kicked off would be...

1) Steamboat last week of may - steamboat runs early and is lower elevation, go there first.
2) HW colorado first week of June
3) Ark second week of june (only a couple runs here, maybe just a couple days)
4) CB central mountains second week of june into third week of june
5) Durango 3rd/4th week of june
6) Option A: Front Range Denver 4th wk june/1st wk July (big ride!)
Option B: stop off at hit something along the way. Crystal? / Roaring Fork?
7) Ft Collins 1st/2nd wk July. Gate should be opening on the big south, hoping JW and SH still runnable.
Back to crystal for north fork, crystal gorge etc. 2nd week of july.
9) Black Canyon 3rd week of July

I think that this is a somewhat reasonable timing, its hard to get everywhere at primo timing, but this is close. You want steamboat early. HW of CO to the ark, to CB to DGO is a reasonable path that hits things at a decent time in June. Big South is good July 4th, there will be something going on the front range en route. Hopefully the crystal will cooperate with flows on the way back. Last couple of years black canyon has had decent releases in July/Aug to make things runnable.

Anyway, thats my two cents. Sounds like a worthy adventure. I'm going to be taking off the 1st two weeks on June and I am hoping to be doing some CB / DGO boating. I'd be more than happy to help out with some gear transport or hook up for some of the runs. Good luck with your plan!
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question... are you towing the boat/gear... or support trucking it.
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me and uldis might be doing a may steamboat trip, and we'd help you shuttle around if the timing is right, we also might be headed to CB if I can find any money.

don't get me wrong, i think you can put a dent in your list, but I would suggest cutting out durango and pagosa. They are really far away, and its going to eat a lot of your time biking there and back.

You cut those out and you can do a summer that looks like this:

Early season Glenwood and headwaters stuff (barrel springs, gore) - these are for the weekends before school lets out

vail (headwaters)
aspen (roaring fork/crystal)
west slope (if runnin)
Crested Butte
Ark (don't forget the numbers)
back to I70 through leadville ( back to vail stuff if still going or down to clear creek stuff)
frontrange north of denver
foco - poudre
late season crystal stuff
Black Canyon

Then in August the trip really begins:
Mesa Falls
North Fork Payette
British Columbia
quit your teaching job

I'd love to come with you for part of it, but I nearly pissed myself looking at some of the runs you want do so I'll just cheer you on from FoCo.
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This is totally badass and I don't care if you only get half of the 50 runs. Count me in to buy you a beer and give you a shuttle if we're ever in the same drainage. You should do a blog so we can watch your progress.
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save weight; only use hand paddles and kevlar squirt boats. No but seriously, knowing you, you stand a good chance of breaking some equipment in this endeavor. I don't know how you could do it but be prepared to keep on schedule if you break some gear. Obviously not a problem if you are running something close to towns but if you are out there with 4 runs to hit and you break your helmet on the first, well, there goes the schedule. Helmets are easy to carry replacements of, paddles and Jefe's....not so much...

AND you (and Uldis and Brian "the scab" Kelly) should get ready by coming to run Gore on sunday. I'll even drive you if you don't want to bike...
"Paddle silently, boof loudly"
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......i want some......'re not my real dad but i will assist you as well.....BIG (C)SWIMMERRON and the M-BOX back to back will make you wear out your granny gear when you take of to your next destination, my boy...but it sure will be fun...BIG C is tough to of those runs....M-BOX is ready for you right now...and you can only ride a bike to the put-in due to road closures....i know it's early.... but, the early bird gets the worm......A-SCANDLE-ANTE(escalante) and the BIG SWIMERRON and the BLACK....3DAY....are you a tuff fuker?.....hope so...not because of the MONTROSE and G. JUNCTION stuff but a hellof a list with a your style...hell, i have always wanted to ride from CB to the TROSE for the section.....done several bike shuttles for the'd better change out you tires before riding down crystal road....hehahahahehh....log this number and give me heads up johnny.....9702751890.....juniorRANGER420CB/MILOZADIK WISHECOULDSKI
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185 lb. waste of space, Keeping Glenwood Springs real
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Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. For some reason I always thought that Steamboat ran later than early good to know. I can cut up by Walcott to get there.

I am trying to hammer out the finer details and set up a tentative schedule, but it really depends on the melt situation. Hence why I started this post to get info and find people such as the good Milo to help me out on lines and such.

Milo I will definitely be hitting you up for Big C and the Box. I hear you are the man for the Box. I have been known to dabble in the box here and there but I usually like them a little tighter. I do like them black and wet though.

I am planning on carrying my boat, that is kinda the major goal in this. I bought an xtracycle attachment for my commuter bike. It extends my rear wheel 15" back and gives me all sorts of options for carrying gear. I will post pics of my rig once I get her straightended out.

Evan, I am trying to buy another shell or another Grande so I can have a back up stashed maybe in the Fort so someone can deliver on the spot. Taking two helmets.

BK and the Latvian, lets hit that Steamboat stuff end of May if it works. No need for $ for CB remember last time? Uldis doesn't even need a tent.
Run this shit with me, walk what you want to walk. I know some things are going to be a walk for me.

I have a blog set up and I will try to get it stickied when it is worth going to.

Hey the more opinions and help the easier it will be. I am super busy right now which sucks cause I could get the Box out of the way. Damn CSAP testing, stupid No Child Left Behind BS.

Evan I will try to hit up Gore on the 15th (Sunday). But I don'r know, I am coaching wrestling and we have tourneys on Sat so they are long days that leaves me with little time.

I will give you a hollar.


Brian I can't quite teaching, it is the only jobs I can think of that lets me talk all day boosting my ego and allows this much time off to do this kind of shit, plus not have to worry that much about money for Crusty Butt.

Oh yeah lets start planning our winter trip to harass Lotsawaterswirlingthewrongdirectionsouthoftheequat or

970-217-21 six six
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