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Originally Posted by J Rock
I have to second the comments of Rio in reguard to Rasta. I am a first year kayaker and had the fortunate experience of kayaking Waterton Canyon early this year with Rasta. He chased my boat, pulled me out of the river and tried his best to explain to me the different aspects of the current and how it works. He was always nice, considerate and kept safety in mind. If someone wants to comment on his word choice, then fine, but don't criticize his ability as a guide or his attention to safety... because you obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about.

If he was nice, considerate, and not pushing rubber down the river then I don't think you are talking about the same Rasta.

The rasta we love is an asshole that doesn't kayak.

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This whole conversation has kinda digressed. I don't think the river is the best place for obese people but I don't think it's the problem either. Since you can't preclude fat people it looks like Rastas going to have to fish those fatties out of the water for a while. Rasta fat people have money. I'm not thin myself. To my dismay, I weighed in at 220 pounds this year. This is mostly due to the medications I am on. I am active but a little chunky. I am a good swimmer and I'm calm when I go over in my kayak. (I don't have a roll yet). I had the presence of mind to grab onto the bow of my instructors boat when I had to swim. I am not insecure about my weight. I think what Rasta is talking about is the people that are not athletic. Rasta is talking about lazy people that do nothing but eat and sleep. Then, they get the wild hair to go rafting. This is because their co-worker or a friend did it. They're obese out of shape and can't swim. They don't make good decisions whether to go rafting or not. They expect guides like Rasta to pull them out of the water when they fall out. They don't realize the risk. If they had any clue they would not be on the river. Most tourists think that this is like a big roller-coaster. They expect it to be safe. River rafting is just a cool way to get the same thrills. This year has been a real wake up call for the Colorado rafting industry. I think the reported deaths have instilled a healthy fear in the customers. These same lazy people that were on the river last year are giving second thought to going now. I know by talking to my co-workers. They are like your kayaking? You had better be safe. If we can just maintain this healthy fear. I know it costs rafting companies money. If there is a better way to scare customers I would like to know. You can show videos and preach about the dangers of the river but until something like this happens people don't pay attention. And I wasn't going to contribute to this thread.

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Sorry to threadjack.
Carry on...
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Oh yeah, we're talking about the same Rasta. He is an asshole who does push rubber when he is working, but I have personally grabbed onto the back of his Dagger when he pulled me out of the river. Glad I don't need to be doing that anymore.

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Life is a risk.

My husband and I have rafted the upper animas a few times - both times with Mild to Wild guides and cannot say enough great things about the company and all the employees. We are from the Virgin Islands and are boat captains. We have experienced people dying from boating accidents, scuba diving, and other water related sports over the years. There is always finger pointing about someone (usually the companies) not doing the job of fully preparing the customers with the risks no matter how much they say and do ahead of time to do just this. The truth is that if you are going to participate in any water sport that there is a risk a death. There is a risk of dying just leaving your house and getting in car. Life is a risk. But the biggest risk is not taking risks in life. My parents freak out a bit because my husband and I do take many risks - we sky dive and we river raft class 5 rivers. My mom asked me after this death if we would go back to the Animas and the answer is "Hell Yes". We would and we will and with a Mild to Wild guide. Could we die? - yes we could - but we feel it is better than dying of boredom sitting on the couch. Our hearts go out to Darrel and Scott and their friends and family. - island gal
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LMAO!First let me defend my boy Rasta,He is skinny and fit and swims everytime he gets in a raft that is why he is not afraid---Wait a minute are we talking about my buddy Rasta the fat piece of shit that couldn't have helped you in waterton cause he was probably swimming right next to you?Rasta is not a skinny young man,he is a math professor for gods sake...Have you folks seen them?That is our boy Rasta,fat and mean...He message was clear and good though...
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I don't think you have much to apologize for. If someone overheard me cheap shotting and bad mouthing my customers behind their backs, I wouldn't expect them to purchase my services. In Bozeman, I have customers from CA all the time, and they are easy targets to beat up on. But I give them a shot and like alot of them, even if they do crowd up "my" valley. In fact, I expect to take one CA customer kayaking for his first time once levels come down (and I have time). Regardless of his valid (and yes, insightful) points, Rasta practices surpisingly poor judgement to rip on the people that make his enlightened living possible, especially in such a public forum. Talk about biting the hand...

Furthermore, I didn't think that keeping the boating co name off the public forum was underhanded--in fact it seems that you were trying to keep this info under wraps. Perhaps what is cowardly is smiling and being friendly all day to a "piece of shit"--working for a tip--only to turn around and make fun of them once they are gone.

And Chad, don't you get that Rasta was talking about you?? You don't have his skill set as a beginning boater, but yet you elevate and praise yourself for grabbing your guide's stern loop? Is there a chance that YOUR guide was laughing about some "fat peice of shit" hanging from his boat later that night (hopefully your "guide" was a friend).

Rasta, I agree with the content of your post, but if an employee of mine was badmouthing customers in public, I would take it very seriously regarless of their skill set. I try not to poop where I eat, but further, I expect that my customers hire me because they do not have the skills that I have. To make fun of customers for their lack of skills would be nonsensical, as the alternate senario would put me out of work.

Sorry to take part in a highjacking. My prayers are with the familys of both victems.
"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at
one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."

- Ronald Reagan
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safety boats

I realize this thread has died out and it is entirely possible no one will read this, but I can't let it go. Many of you involved in the debate between using a kayaker or a raft for a safety boat seem to be a bit confused. I guided on the Upper Animas for over 8 years and used both kayakers and rafts. NEVER did we have a safety raft with only one person- the guide- on board. That would not help anyone. The safety raft always had 1-2 guides (ok, these two were usually rookies, but the actual safety boat guide had at least completed 2 full seasons of guiding, plus had been a paddler on the safety boat in the past) to assist in paddling and pulling swimmers to safety. The raft also usually had some sort of platform such as a backboard for the swimmer to be hauled up on. Each situation is different, and I would have loved to have both a kayaker and a safety raft on each trip, but that usually did not work out. We always helped other boaters out up there, and they watched out for us. As Casey pointed out, we went for over 22 years with out a commercial death. The three previous deaths included an inner-tuber, a very experienced kayaker in Rockwood Gorge, and a man on a private trip with some very experienced people. This has been a bad year up there, but it is still beautiful and magical. I will continue to enjoy the Upper Animas, and offer my prayers to those who died up there every time I do.

And by the way, some of you really sound like it is time for you to get out of the customer service industry. Overweight weekend warriors deserve to have some fun, too. By becoming a raft guide, you implicitly agreed to help rescue them if something went wrong. If I was your customer and heard you talking about me like that, you would lose my business and anyone else I could find to tell how mean and untrustworthy you are. Sorry, but that's the impression you give.
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I have to agree with Mut.

Hello all, i am new to this board, and after surviving a kayak accident yesterday in Culvert Corner on the Poudre, I read the messages on this board. I have to agree with Mut. But the main thing is, PEOPLE ARE STUPID. Not all people, but those that are goofing around and not hearing what the outfitters have to say. They just want a rush and CatJockey is right, they have no fucking clue! They get an idea in their heads and then you have these wannabies on the river, and I really don't think the outfitters should be held responsible.

Mut is right, people need to be responsible for what they get themselves into. I flipped my kayak yesterday, dumping myself and my dog, and we both had proper equipment on but it was tough. It was scary as hell for me, traumatic is a better word, and I'll tell anyone who will listen, shit gets ugly real quick when you are under a boat with God only knows how much CFS is finding its way up your nose, and your trying in vain to get in the right position with those feet trying to point downstream, making like a human pinball thru a boulder garden with holes and hydraulics everywhere, and I am not talking a class V or even a class
IV! I'm talking a III plus where its 2.5 feet, and you are getting water racing and hopping into a killer curve and you can't do shit, you can't get to shore. You can try for a rock but chances are its too slippery, you are twisted up like a pretzel and the river wants your skinz, pulling at them, and you are trying so hard to pace yourself (yeah right) and breathe and get somewhere, the river doesn't like your position so it forces you to try some you never knew existed. My chest hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attack, and not a damn thing I could do.

You can do as many "test runs" as you want, but the plain fact is, you never know what you are up against. No two situations are ever the same, you can't blame others for your level or lack of expertise. Even the experts aren't safe all the time, after all, they can all have a bad day, and we are all human.

I didn't know the guide, hell I don't know anyone here on this board but I am sad just the same and hostility never helps. Mut, you have my sympathies, as does everyone who knew the ones who are gone now. I've got 5 minimal years experience with playing on and around the river as an adult, some as a kid in Missouri. I'm not a guide, the highest class I have run so far is a IV, I raft, swim, kayak, but I don't consider myself anything but LEARNING. I realize today I am lucky to be alive and I now know what I did wrong, have a new rule (no dogs, fun but distracting and not fun when it goes bad) and I also know that mostly NONE of this will apply to the next problem I come up against. It's Nature, you can't read it, you can't write it, and you certainly can't control it. Those fools out there that want to sue everyone for decisions they made, albeit dopey ones..ask yourselves this: was someone sticking a gun in your face making you sign up for the raft trip? Let's keep it real, and be responsible for ourselves people... peace to all
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My Friend--Scott

I was surfing the net looking for write ups on this issue. My name is Sonny and I was on that rafting trip with Daryle, Scott and my other 2 friends. I just wanted to thank those other guides for everything that they did for Scott. Its still hard for me to get through the day without him, but I know he watching over me now. I've known Scott since the 3rd grade and he has been my best friend since. That wasn't our first rafting trip and we knew what we were getting into. Thats why we were there. I am sorry for Angie and want to thank her, Alex and his wife for coming all the way down to South Texas to attend the funeral for Scott. Alex, thanks for calling the other day and checking up on me. For those couple days that I talked to Daryle, I thought he was a great person. He made us laugh and talked about his crazy friends and his loving wife. I plan to go back to Durango next year on June 17. I plan to do the same rafting trip because I know thats what Scott would want me to do. He little motto that he would always tell me and that I go by now was "You gotta keep on keeping on."

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